Renzo Gracie comments on Rashad's black belt


GF- Rashad Evans recently was promoted by Rolles Gracie to Blackbelt. Any thoughts?

Renzo- It was a recognition from Rolles that Rashad should compete in the highest categories of gi-less grappling competitions. In the Gi-less World Championships for example you cannot compete in the Blackbelt division no matter how long you've been grappling unless a certified instructor gives you a belt for that division. Can I say that Rashad has worked his way up in the correct belt order with a gi? Of course not and I don't think as a pro fighter he will be doing gi tournaments anytime soon. I differentiate between gi and gi-less and apparently Rolles found him ready for the belt in gi-less. I don't think you should give someone a belt in a locker room. Not sure if that was Rolles' idea.

GF-As far as Rolles training at Greg Jackson's, is there a new alliance of some sort and has Rolles joined Jackson's team?

Renzo- There's some bigger guys there to spar with and he's made some friends and had a good time training but he fights under our banner. As you know GSP and Rashad have trained with us so we thought it would be fine if he spent some time out there mixing it up.

GF-How is your training going for your upcoming fight?

Great. I've already lost a lot of weight and am happy to be fighting in Abu Dhabi against Matt Hughes. I watched that fight with Gil Melendez and was impressed with his heart and determination. I'll be watching Nate and Nick's fights this month and hope they can come up to NYC afterwards.

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1/9/10 1:12 AM by UGK4Life

IDK where u guys are from but in NYC Renzo is man and ain't no body fuckin' with him... Welcome to NYC, Duck mother fucker...

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1/9/10 12:02 AM by cincibill

It is what it is, Rolles gave him a black belt. This isn't the world bank where we have a floating black belt exchange equivalency.

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1/8/10 10:42 PM by sreiter

thats because you have no idea why he did it -that guy had hs GF call renzo all night long and keep him up the night before the fight - talking trash about renzos family, etc . the phone in his room couldnt be unplugged so he had to suffer all night -- renzo could barely speak english then and couldnt articulate what happened - he just said sorry -i know the story because he told me first hand

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1/8/10 8:33 PM by Nocturnal

 I <3 Renzo Gracie

Rob Mac site profile image  

1/8/10 8:27 PM by Rob Mac

gg"I mean what I say and I say what I mean." dont take yourself too seriously

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1/8/10 2:01 PM by truthisalive

sleepybear your sneaky.

Truemanc3 site profile image  

1/8/10 1:56 PM by Truemanc3

To get a BJJ BB wou have to be good in the gi and train along time.Glad to here Renzo say it as it is (like he always dose).

themisanthrope site profile image  

1/8/10 1:33 PM by themisanthrope

 I don't know about everyone else, but I frequently fight on the street with no shirt on in my underpants.  The gi/no-gi whining is kinda beat.  Train both, IMO.  They both make you a better fighter. This isn't really a gi/no-gi issue (I happen to train and like both).  This is about what Renzo said and whether or not he should have set it in a public setting.  

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1/8/10 12:09 PM by mcq


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1/8/10 12:08 PM by nate787

Nah. Not interested in helping the clueless get it.