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When I was in Tokyo for the New Year's Eve Dynamite!! show, I couldn't help but notice that Gary Goodridge seemed like a man who didn't really want to be fighting.  He was added to the card at the last minute, matched up against Gegard Mousasi in a fight the promoters obviously didn't intend for him to win.  His last MMA fight was in November of 2008.  He hadn't won one since his 2007 K-1 Heroes bout against Jan Nortje.  So what was he doing fighting "Sweet Sassy" on a few days' notice?

The answer, Goodridge told me when I spoke to him for an article this week, is surviving.  He was getting paid the only way he knows how, though he wishes he didn't have to.

"I’m trying to get a job, period," said Goodridge. "My background is in security, police, corrections. I went to school for four years at a college level to learn how to beat people properly. I would love to be a bodyguard, whatever. I’m just looking for a job."

Goodridge spent all of 2009 staying out of the fight game and looking for steady work.  When the call came offering him the fight with Mousasi, he still hadn't found anything and his bank account was "drying up."  Naturally, he took the fight, even though he already one scheduled in MMA Big Show for the following weekend (his TKO loss in Japan resulted in the Indiana commission refusing to license him for that bout).

He was in reasonably good shape, he says.  His weight and cardio were on target, even if his speed and timing might not be.  He knew why the promoters were bringing him in, but what could he do?

"I was going broke looking for a job," he said. "I got a load of bills that need paying. When I got the call I thought, 'Thank God.' Now I can pay some bills."

As Goodridge points out, he may be a household name from his time in Pride (he knocked out Oleg Taktarov in the first Pride event) or his early appearances in the UFC, but back then fighters weren't making much money.  He'll be fourty-four years old in a couple of weeks.  He can't go on fighting much longer.  But because that's what he's spent the last fourteen years of his life doing, he doesn't have much else on his resume.

Goodridge said he enjoyed the trip to Japan, which was like going back in time for him, only this time he knew enough to appreciate all the little things.  Now that he's had that experience, he'd like to get out of the business.  All he needs is for someone to give him a job. 

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Mark Dorsey site profile image  

1/9/10 1:27 PM by Mark Dorsey

Great article. Yes, unfortunately but Gary is still doing personal training at his home gym.

HYBRID JON site profile image  

1/9/10 1:25 PM by HYBRID JON

 BA Baracus in the sequal???

Dawkins site profile image  

1/9/10 12:52 PM by Dawkins

Did his gym close?

nostripewhite site profile image  

1/9/10 6:14 AM by nostripewhite

He doesn't need a fund. He needs a job. He's a man in his mid-40's, he should be able to find work.

PAGrappler412 site profile image  

1/9/10 6:06 AM by PAGrappler412

ttt to help get Big Daddy a job

fedorsbelly site profile image  

1/9/10 4:32 AM by fedorsbelly

Man, I hate to see legends of the sport in that position. There should be a fund or something. I'd imagine he'd get bodyguard or security work just on his name though.

YourHeadOnSpork site profile image  

1/9/10 4:10 AM by YourHeadOnSpork

Sad story, hopefully he can find some work because I get the feeling they dont pay him that well when they expect him to lose.

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

1/8/10 5:23 PM by GladiatorGannon

I think people are losing track of the fact that he IS working a job he doesn't like already, why would he want to switch to another job that he likes even less for lower money? It's not like he's sitting on his ass, he is working already.And he isn't asking for a paypal, he's asking if anyone can help him find a job in his field. The Martial Arts community has thousands of people working in security/bodyguarding and related fields, this is just a smart way to leverage his fame into his job search. He would be a bum if he WASN'T trying to do this.

solidsnake site profile image  

1/8/10 2:41 PM by solidsnake

Yeah, I remember a post about that and how it was suppose to talk about the behind the scenes experience. It's probably on hiatus since publishing costs dough.

japetto site profile image  

1/8/10 2:11 PM by japetto

  Good point. It's sucks to see real fighters look that way.