Rampage begins camp in March for May bout with Evans

source: fightersonlymagazine

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson will head to England in March to being a training camp at the Wolfslair Gym near Liverpool, Fighters Only can reveal. He is set to fight at UFC 113, which will take place in Montreal, Canada on May 1st.

His opponent will be Rashad Evans, himself a former light-heavyweight champion. He and Jackson developed genuine bad blood over the course of their time as rival coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 10 ad while they will surely shake hands as professionals after the fight, the preceding 15 minutes promise war.

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Yun site profile image  

1/10/10 8:21 PM by Yun

if Rashad squeeze in a decision against Rampage, that's gay as hell. All the shit he talked from the beginning, he should be Knocking Rampage out but after watching Rashad vs Thiago, it doesn't look too promising. WTF is rashad gonna do? take Rampage down so he can win a decision? LOL...If he wants to stand with Rampage, he'd get KTFO via right hook, if he wants to clinch with Rampage, he'd get KTFO via upper cut. Rampage might gas and lose the decision if ring-rust effects him.

frontrowbrian site profile image  

1/10/10 7:22 AM by frontrowbrian

 did Greg Jackson teach Rashad the ridiculous, exaggerated head bobbing technique? Is that supposed to be head movement? They're two completely different things. Rampage catches him. Rampage via KO

Poopyface TomatoNose site profile image  

1/10/10 7:18 AM by Poopyface TomatoNose

Rampage would win this fight out of shape. Rampage by KO either way!

john joe site profile image  

1/10/10 6:47 AM by john joe

because its going to take place on a gridiron with rashad and rampage wearing full football kit, including helmets. I thought it was a bit of a gimmicky idea at first but now I am all for it

AnthonyBrancato site profile image  

1/10/10 4:06 AM by AnthonyBrancato

 Why do I get the idea that this fight is going to be just like the football game in The Longest Yard?

ajjr0ller site profile image  

1/9/10 8:31 PM by ajjr0ller

Pregnant women will need to be on alert after this fight. Too soon? oh...

cyberc92 site profile image  

1/9/10 3:44 PM by cyberc92

Rashad is a slow starter but he always seems to find a way to win. He lost rounds to Sam Hoger (he was almost tapped before the bell saved him), Sean Salmon, Michael Bisping (reversed him and took him down), Tito Ortiz, Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell etc. He just finds a way to win whether it is boring or not. All that said, I think Rampage will find a way to catch him and put him away. Rashad believes his chin and head movement are better than they really are which leads me to believe Rampage will flatten him with a hook.

BerryLump site profile image  

1/9/10 3:31 PM by BerryLump

Rampage has excellent td defense, and despite what some of the posters have written, if he can stuff Kevin Randelman's tds repeatedly, he can handle Rashad. Of course the layoff plays some role, but I see Rampage winning this by KO/TKO rather easily. Rashad's chin is like Glass Joe. Berry

Hardcharger site profile image  

1/9/10 12:58 PM by Hardcharger

With all these big fights coming up, and Rashad-Rampage also being booked for the Montreal card, who is the UFC going to have left to headline their Memorial Day show a few weeks later in Vegas, which is traditionally a big name card?

anunaki site profile image  

1/9/10 12:51 PM by anunaki

rampage by tko in the 2nd. they'll get into a dog fight and rampage will find is chin, clean ko.