Pulver clarifies remarks about Miletich

source: The UnderGround

From a recent interview with CagePotato:

"The biggest thing for me was how we moved training camps, finally. This one in Boise, I’ve designed. You can see it at DrivenTC.com. Just little things with this gym are going to make a lot of difference for me, I can’t even tell you. Our supposed great leader back in Iowa who didn’t even have a boxing ring or a cage — what kind of people fight in MMA and have never even sparred or trained in a cage?"

From: Jens Pulver 
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Its not about being Critical of Pat, its about using and setting up a camp where you can create your fighting environment and make it like the place you will be fighting. Its about all the years Of sitting on a wrestling mat and now that I have the chance and the opportunity to make my own training center the first thing in there was a Cage, I will Never bash my team or Pat on a personal level, I bash my last four fights, and how i trained for them.

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OctopusFighter site profile image  

1/11/10 3:59 PM by OctopusFighter

loled, voted up

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1/11/10 3:21 PM by HAMMER


JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

1/11/10 3:00 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 Goldie has always been an idiot.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

1/11/10 1:22 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 Plus with a wall you are also preparing yourself for RIO HEROS.

alvo69 site profile image  

1/11/10 10:51 AM by alvo69

 Jens, you ALWAYS leave all of yourself out there,  so who are WE to judge you. I look forward to your fight on the Bowles/Cruz card, and know you'll be as prepared as possible to kick some ass and get your hand raised again.  As for MFS, it is what it is, and what it was for you. One MUST adapt to survive. Fly High and Free "Little Eagle"...   LOL!!!

WrestlingSucks site profile image  

1/11/10 5:41 AM by WrestlingSucks

I dont think many people that have trained with and without a cage would agree that using a wall is the same environment. Some might but I certainly wouldnt

MacNYC site profile image  

1/11/10 2:27 AM by MacNYC

STFU, why aren't you banned?

Da Riddum site profile image  

1/11/10 2:22 AM by Da Riddum

does HIT have a cage?

Pure site profile image  

1/11/10 2:06 AM by Pure

Seems like a harmless little dig. Jens is a great guy, so I doubt he meant anything malicious by it.

HULKSMASH site profile image  

1/11/10 1:55 AM by HULKSMASH

Thats what I was thinking......