DFW & Lorenzo discuss 10% of UFC sale with Fox, CNBC, Ariel Helwani

source: ufc.com



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fightjunky site profile image  

1/22/10 9:25 PM by fightjunky

"before ufc...........Fertita's = millionaire'sdana white = who? "Do your homework son.........................they are billionaires with a B, not an M.Not sure where they stand now with demise of Station Casinos stock, but as of a few years ago, they were worth a little over $3 Billion each.

xakx site profile image  

1/22/10 5:07 PM by xakx

Correct me if i'm wrong but i thought the one that owns more of the stock has more say in what the company does?

xakx site profile image  

1/22/10 1:02 AM by xakx

So now that they own 10% and Dana went down to 9% from 10%, does that mean they have more say in things than Dana in the end?

Mmanizzle site profile image  

1/22/10 12:50 AM by Mmanizzle

QFT my friend... Dana's a promoter, it's his job to piss off the right people and get nuthuggers to hug on tight! LOL

Mmanizzle site profile image  

1/22/10 12:48 AM by Mmanizzle

LOL, it's a team effort, you rarely see the behind the scenes and hardwork that the UFC does, it's worked for them just letting Dana be the poster boy. He gets the most public lashings with all of the UFC's decisions and he can take it and dish it out. I'm sure the Fertitta bros don't mind Dana taking the heat for a lot of stuff... Dana's got 9% of the shares, he really don't have much of a say so, he's just the front man people... Rekkinize!And yes, Lorenzo should speak more...

Dougie site profile image  

1/14/10 9:17 AM by Dougie


Poopyface TomatoNose site profile image  

1/14/10 4:30 AM by Poopyface TomatoNose

I could give a shit less if Dana swears or gets angry and says shit he doesn't mean. He's a promoter that has a 9% stake in a billion dollar business. Of course he's going to badmouth fighters who aren't under his umbrella and spin his bull shit.He already has half of his self proclaimed haters eating out of the palm of his hand by believing that Anderson Silva is the #1 pound for pound fighter in the world. Had Fedor signed and remained undefeated under the UFC and been there for 3 years, he'd say the same. Dana's a decent guy. And WTF at the babies complaining about his swearing. What are you, a bunch of mormons?

stdigg site profile image  

1/14/10 4:20 AM by stdigg

Dana is the guy the that firebombs the warehouse. Lorenzo is the guy that calls the insurance company about the "accident".

Mmanizzle site profile image  

1/14/10 3:53 AM by Mmanizzle

QFT - u got dat right, funny eh?