Firas Zahabi: GSP is getting scary

by Jonathan Snowden | source: sat down for exclusive interview with St. Pierre's trainer Firas Zahabi to talk GSP, Tristar Gym, and why training Georges is becoming such a challenge. How is Georges progressing preparing for Hardy.  Is his health where it should be?

Firas Zahabi:  It's getting scary.  Georges is getting better and better, believe it or not.  If I compare him to last year he is far beyond where he was. He's a very scary individual.  I can't even put him in with anybody his size.  I have to bring in guys who are much bigger, much stronger.  I had Nate Marquardt and Rashad Evans come in last week to challenge Georges.  It's getting very tricky now.  I can't put him with another welterweight because there is no other welterweight right now I can bring in who can make Georges sweat.  We're looking to bring in Gegard Mousasi who is at 205 to work with Georges.  I'm reaching out for big, strong guys to challenge him. This problem has been growing for some time.  I remember Rashad Evans saying awhile ago that he had trouble putting Georges on his back.  And he's a 205 pound guy.

Firas Zahabi: I can count on one hand the times we've seen Georges on his back.  The times he is on his back, I usually force him to go on his back.  Sometimes when we do situational sparring I'll start him there, because otherwise he doesn't see much time on his back.  I want to make sure he has no weaknesses because you never know what will happen in a fight.

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Kimbos Beard site profile image  

1/21/10 4:26 PM by Kimbos Beard

Funny thing is, minus the bodyfat, Fedor is closer to GSP's size than Anderson's.

HubertCumberdale site profile image  

1/21/10 3:59 PM by HubertCumberdale

GSP does do a very good job at finishing fights. Koscheck, Alves and Fitch are very hard to finish. Fitch has not been finished in eight years and is a top 5 fighter (even though I think he lost his fight against Mike Pierce). Alves has not been finished in 5 years. Koscheck has been finished twice in six years. GSP really did not even really try to stand with Kos made a huge statement that he can out wrestle at 4x all American.

Kimbos Beard site profile image  

1/21/10 3:38 PM by Kimbos Beard

Spider is up there, but Fedor beats him out handily in P4P terms.

macbjj site profile image  

1/21/10 3:26 PM by macbjj

lol man he would destroy everyone in that weight class too......maybe not Marquardt but he'd probly win.I give him a win over Silva too cause his wrestling would be showcased hard. He would keep Silva on his back that whole fight and Silva wouldnt be able to do shit about it.

Timtek site profile image  

1/21/10 1:08 PM by Timtek

He's a monster at 170. Don't think he could hang with the top five at 185 though.

RIPLEY site profile image  

1/21/10 12:25 PM by RIPLEY

"Until GSP starts knocking people out I will never be impressed."That's why you're a troll loser and not a champion.

ARTISTofMMA site profile image  

1/21/10 12:03 PM by ARTISTofMMA

one word: SPIDER!!!

Ryase site profile image  

1/21/10 12:02 PM by Ryase

GSP is the best WW ever. But let's be real...Silva could be fighting HW and definitely belongs at LHW. GSP is big for a WW but he's not even the biggest nowadays. Those guys have no right fighting eachother.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

1/21/10 11:29 AM by chaplinshouse

nobody does it better... makes me feel sad for the rest :( sniffle sniffle....