Couture moving away from BJJ, to Catch Wrestling


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Hargreaves site profile image  

2/28/10 7:09 PM by Hargreaves

rolijuju site profile image  

2/27/10 11:54 PM by rolijuju

I believe Billy lived in Hawaii when Gene was teaching the police judo team or something like that. Not sure again how much they trained together but they did.

Victor Parlati site profile image  

2/27/10 10:20 PM by Victor Parlati

Gene trained in catch with Lou Thesz, Karl Gotch, and Vic Christy. First I'm hearing about Billy Robinson.

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

2/27/10 7:53 PM by DanTheWolfman


rolijuju site profile image  

2/27/10 7:16 PM by rolijuju

Gene also trained some with Billy Robinson. I don't know how much

BeerMuscles site profile image  

2/27/10 6:36 PM by BeerMuscles

Neil Melanson (Randy's CACC trainer) trained under "Judo" Gene Lebell, who trained under Ed "strangler" Lewis and Vic Christy.

thebasher site profile image  

2/27/10 4:50 PM by thebasher

Does Tony Cecchine or any of his students ever compete (in BJJ, wrestling, catch or whatever). I'd be interested to see how it differs then otherwise it's all - well you know

eljamaiquino site profile image  

2/27/10 4:29 PM by eljamaiquino

I wondered this myself. It doesn't seem as if he has a direct lineage to any old school catch guys. So catch can be developed by anyone then?

sikkjitzu site profile image  

2/27/10 12:59 PM by sikkjitzu


Lite site profile image  

2/27/10 12:15 PM by Lite

CACC right now is an ancillary to the more commonly trained and more complete BJJ. I'm not saying it doesn't have something to add, but unless you can unfreeze somebody from Wigan and send them to ADCC, where he just has to perform well, I can't put any value in the claim that it is a competing "style." People like Saku and Barnet know BJJ, whether they have trained officially (as Saku has) or have trained with guys whose base is bjj forever (Barnett).