Jake Shields to be Liddell's assistant coach on TUF 11

by Jake Shields | source: The UnderGround

Im going to be Chucks assistant coach on TUF...
From: Jake Shields
Posted: 7 hours ago
Member Since: 1/1/01
Posts: 1506

Headed out to Vegas tomorrow for 6 or 7 weeks to film. Chuck asked me a couple weeks ago and I agreed to help out. Should be fun.



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Posterboy site profile image  

12/1/10 10:09 AM by Posterboy

Ttmft sorry couldnt help it

Graceful Kauto site profile image  

9/25/10 1:59 PM by Graceful Kauto


OMA (tm) site profile image  

9/25/10 1:30 PM by OMA (tm)

 NOT shopped IMO!!!

OMA (tm) site profile image  

9/25/10 1:29 PM by OMA (tm)

 Marc Fiore (UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes's Coach) what do you know?????? LOL!!! ;-) Good Job Dan......Ill see Jake this week so I will make sure to show him your moves so he can get better!!! TTT this thread so i can find it!!!!

Redneck site profile image  

9/24/10 10:26 PM by Redneck

Cindy, I don't know how to tell you this, but that picture wasn't photoshopped.

DWNOMERCY site profile image  

9/24/10 10:22 PM by DWNOMERCY

 forgot about this thread... lmao @ wolfman

Poindexter site profile image  

9/24/10 10:03 PM by Poindexter

 Looking forward to this.

IrishRottie site profile image  

9/24/10 9:53 PM by IrishRottie


craftybushidovet site profile image  

1/26/10 8:46 PM by craftybushidovet

can't let this one go. sorry

GMan99 site profile image  

1/22/10 2:44 PM by GMan99

btw, kudos to Dan the Wolfman ... My wife was watching one of those shows about setting rich but unlucky people up with suitable dating candidates. I swing through the room and who is being interviewed among the potential suitors but Dan the Wolfman! I didn't stick with the whole show but my wife reported that he was not ultimately chosen :-(