Bisping responds: "Now I'm gonna smash him"

by Michael Pepper | source:

UFC 110 - Bisping responds to latest blog: “Now I’m gonna smash him”

UFC middleweight contender, Michael “The Count” Bisping reacted angrily when he spoke EXCLUSIVELY to MMABay tonight about the recent blog posted by his UFC 110 opponent, Wanderlei Silva, saying he’s tried to be respectful in the lead up to the fight but now the gloves are off.

In the call made earlier tonight following “The Count’s” latest training session at the Wolfslair gym in Widnes, Bisping said:

    “I’ve not had a bad word to say about Wanderlei in the build up to this fight but either his people in his camp or him himself seem intent on talking sh*t and putting things in his head. Maybe they are trying to motivate him, I don’t know. I got a call from the UFC the other day and they said Wanderlei had asked them to arrange a conference call so he could basically talk sh*t to me down the phone. Like I’ve always said, the man’s a legend but I’ve got no problem smashing him in the face come Sydney.”

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DannyOcean site profile image  

1/24/10 7:12 PM by DannyOcean

i really want Wandy to win but I doubt how much he has left in his tank.Bisping by lackluster decision, 29-28. He backpedals and avoids Wandy's now-predictable loopy hooks and jabs his way to victory.Please prove me wrong Wandy. I'll never be so happy to be wrong. Please?

Grittys site profile image  

1/24/10 7:05 PM by Grittys

God this has to be the easiest pick of all time, Bisping will kill him. Can't believe you guys can't put your bias aside and see this.

joe canada site profile image  

1/24/10 6:52 PM by joe canada

It hurts me to do it, but I will go out on a limb and pick Bisping.I think he has the skill set to pull this off.Wand hasn't really shown his aggressive style much lately (Jardine notwithstanding) and has always been at his best with people who will come forward and bang with him. Bisping has never shown a willingness to show what a tough guy he is in the pocket.Bisping has better conditioning and much better movement. He can stay on the outside and frustrate Wand into lunging forward.Bisping has decent takedowns and Wand is not a sprawl machine. Wand has also never demonstrated a dangerous guard, so Bisping can rack up points from there while further frustrating Wand.Problem for Bisping is that to effectively keep someone at a distance, you have to occasionally punish them for bridging that distance. Bisping simply doesn't have the power to make Wand pause. Fair enough, Wand has taken a nap or two lately, which arguably affects the future strength of the chin, but I still don't see Bisping with the one-punch power necessary to make Wand hesitate. We saw how effective Henderson was against him. Not because Bisping wasn't quick or wasn;t moving well, but because Henderson simply didn't care if Bisping hit him or not. Repeatedly circling left into Henderson's power side only hastened what was a foregone conclusion.So, I have Bisping winning this IF he can make Wand worry about a takedown, and IF he doesn't trade with him. Circle on the outside jabbing, counter right from time to time, and throw in the takedown 1/2 way through the roung, or whenever Wand gets too agressive moving forward. Rinse, Repeat.If Wand wins this, and I hope he does, it will be in highlight reel fashion. He cannot win a decision.Flame on.

39 site profile image  

1/24/10 5:17 PM by 39

oh michael, we hardly knew yougoodnight sweet prince

HollywoodHendo site profile image  

1/24/10 4:57 PM by HollywoodHendo

Timing has a lot to do with it. At this point, Wanderlei's back is to the wall and it's do or die. I don't think he will get knocked out, but with decent wrestling, Bisping could take him to a decision. But there's a killer instinct I sense in Silva right now. I think he's aware about what style to use for this fight and with Bisping not having a chin that could withstand it (not even if you want to include Henderson, he's taken hits from guys like Elvis and not done well) I think he's going to brawl with him. Good luck Michael.

OkahomaBadBoy site profile image  

1/24/10 10:20 AM by OkahomaBadBoy

If bisping can use better footwork than against hendo he might outpoint an aging wand and take home a decision. I dont think bisping has franklins ground game and is not a physical. Wand stood up from guard on franklin so i dont see bisping getting or holding him down. When silva is on his feet he will be stalking and it only takes one flurry for silva to hurt and rape choke. Should be fun fight to watch!

kooldover site profile image  

1/23/10 10:47 PM by kooldover

well the best news ive heard all day is that wand is walking around at 200 right now and has some GUNS!!!! so the cut should be fine. thats my only worry

JessDogg site profile image  

1/23/10 8:36 PM by JessDogg

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha awwwwwwwwwwww man, this dude said "unleashed the dragon" aaaaahahahahahahaha, i bet this is tiki.

Empire site profile image  

1/23/10 5:05 PM by Empire

if wandy comes in possessed, bisping is blood pudding.