Don Frye: James Toney requires his arms broken


"I tell you what: Anybody who fights an [expletive] like James Toney or Herschel Walker or Jose Canseco or any of them other [expletives] that come into our sport at their age should be required to take them down and break as many bones as possible on them and keep them crippled for six-to-eight weeks," Frye recently told Radio ( "I'd break both their [expletive] arms so they'd have to hire somebody to wipe their ass for the next six-to-eight weeks. It should be a requirement."

"That's why nobody respects this sport, and it's just a circus act right now," Frye said. "They have these morons come in at the age they should be sitting in the retirement home, and they walk in and get a high-dollar fight."

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dipsheet site profile image  

1/24/10 5:15 AM by dipsheet

When you're Don Frye, breaking as many bones as possible means only being out 6 to 8 weeks.Respect.

TheFirstDragon site profile image  

1/24/10 5:06 AM by TheFirstDragon

Amazing that you are such a disrespectful little punk. Enough so that you would blatantly write off Don Frye. A true pioneer of MMA.Crawl back into your hole dweeb.

daba site profile image  

1/24/10 4:57 AM by daba

but if these circus acts beat legitimate fighters then what can you say? maybe frye was being careful with his words but grandpa ray mercer did beat a former ufc champ.

all your son are disappoint to us site profile image  

1/24/10 4:21 AM by all your son are disappoint to us

i never understood americans and their love for nascar it's just a bunch of rednecks driving around in circles 500 times

FloridaStriker site profile image  

1/24/10 3:46 AM by FloridaStriker

Don is correct. Im sitting around my home just after retirement and start thinking about calling up Nascar and telling them i want to race the best they have in 6 months time. That's respect for their sport?get the fuck outta here.

Mmanizzle site profile image  

1/24/10 3:40 AM by Mmanizzle


Mmanizzle site profile image  

1/24/10 3:23 AM by Mmanizzle

Frye is a pioneer that hung around a long time... He's irrevelent now... He's not being talked about as one of the greatest either... He's got a huge chip on his shoulder for his past accomplishments... He's probably looking for a big pay day, is the only reason he's talking so much trash... Jose Conseco was a phoney, James Toney is a boxer running his mouth... Herschel is paying his dues, he's going to be like a Kimbo celebrity status because he's already got a fan base... Brock has cross over fans from WWE. If Lebron James was a mixed martial artist, he'll get big ass pay checks too... Don Frye, your time has passed brother, you haven't done anything in a while except get in that gangster movie after your fighting days were over... No one knows you, you aint getting the cheddar like these guys now, so you're jealous... Waaa waaaa...

Steamfitter site profile image  

1/24/10 3:20 AM by Steamfitter

omg, this site looks like shit without frames.

inf0 site profile image  

1/24/10 2:16 AM by inf0

me neither -inf0  

hmb site profile image  

1/24/10 2:12 AM by hmb

I had no idea anyone actually used the new forum style.-hmb