Nate Quarry to Fight Mafia Pres: Prepare yourself


 President and Founder of the Fight Mafia Noel P. Brooks rants:



Nate Quarry responds via twitter:

Fight mafia is doing a blow out sale on my shirt. Too bad I won't see any of the $$

Despite what someone might say, I'm still owed money from Fight Mafia. He knows it and I have the email to prove it.

Noel from Fight Mafia wants to attack my character? Really? Okay son. Prepare yourself.

The problem with lying and slander is you have to keep all your lies straight. And not put contradicting lies in print. One to grow on

And Noel from Fight Mafia now is officially slandering me. Calling me an egomaniac and how I cause problem after problem.

I was going to let this go Noel. Not after reading your texts to my agent. Prepare for round 2.

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Nate Quarry provides further details via MySpace

For those of you that didn't know, I fought last... geeze let me check the calendar... September I think it was? A fight night performance against Tim Creduer where we won fight of the night honors. I was wearing a very cool walkout shirt made by the Fight Mafia. I was to be paid a flat fee for wearing the shirt and get a cut of profits from sales as well. Specifically sales to my biggest sponsor and close friends at Nuvasive. After 4 months of broken promises I've had enough and am telling the story. Mostly I'll just quote emails sent from Noel, the owner. This is a direct cut and paste from Noel.

For your records:
"I Noel Brooks, President and Founder of The Fight Mafia Apparel Company agreed to pay $7750 US Dollars for a UFC Nate Quarry Sponsorship in which I am approximately over 2 months late on completing payment.  I promise to complete payment in full."
There is a nice paper trail for you just in case you choose to sue me, that should give you a great case!
Noel "Almost Done" Brooks
The Fight Mafia


Received Dec 26, 09
 Thank you very much for your letter.  Yes, I admit to the debt owed and agree to pay the debt owed as you described in your legal document·  The 7 day requirement cannot be reached at this time.  I believe that the debt can be paid in full by early 2010.  I would say January 15th 2010 should be enough time for me to come to financial terms in paying off this debt.  I apologize for my comments as being received as sarcasm as they were not intended to be sarcastic.  I intended them to be used against me in the court of law if need be.  I do not blame anyone for seeking legal action as at times it is the best option.  In this case I believe Mr. Hodak acted in the best possible manner in contacting you.  I am very apologetic for my part in this situation and I wanted to make sure that Mr. Hodak and Mr. Quarry received their funds if this case ever had to go court.  It also gives me an opportunity to show the financial government officials who have put the restrictions on my financial business account the problems in which they have caused me and others.  I thank you and Mr. Hodak for your professionalism.  I hope to have this situation resolved in the very near future.  Thanks!
Noel Brooks   


Received Jan 5th
Okay, No problem I will do that.  I had meeting today and for the first time in months it went perfect as I was instructed it would.  New Year, New Everything!  I would say payment will be made before the 15th, we might be looking at by the end of this week or early next week.  The 15th is the latest but I see being able to make payment earlier than that!


A certified check will be sent tomorrow the 14th and recieved on the 15th as planned (UPS Overnight Service).  I will send the check to Oren and I assume he will dispurse to you.  We are all systems go!  Thanks.


Sent Jan 15
 I am traveling and have been all day!  Please do not worry about payment, it will be recieved.  I have sent a Certified Check in the full amount, please remain calm, it will arrive!  I will be in contact soon to confirm.  Please, it has been sent!  Tracking will be provided if needed but it should have been there by now.  Please do not do anything haste!  I have sent payment in full!  PLEASE!  PLEASE!  PLEASE!  If not recieved today, I will not even bother to contact UPS, I will just Western Union the full amount again, that way, no more worries, it will cost me more but I don't care at this point.  I cannot let this go on one more day!  Please, it has been sent, do not worry!


Received the 16th
Some fighters genuinely appreciate my financial support and some fighters could care less.  Those fighters who could care less will not receive a dime from me.  As I have stated in the past on numerous occasions, I do this for the love of the sport and to help deserving fighters not for my own financial gain.  The future will prove that.  Nate Quarry is a deserving fighter.  On top of everything, these fighters and their representation contact me, not me seeking them.  I have made promises and they have not all came through.  That's my bad, but no broken promises were purposely made.  I am done with the excuses because no one wants to hear them.


 Received the 19th
 I went to my Western Union location when I got home tonight but I was too late, it was closed.  I will go tomorrow and send the remaining $3110.  Sorry Oren, this is a high priority but I had bills as high as $18,000 to pay.  Yours was actually one of the smaller debts owed.  The grand total of debts I have now paid in the last 19 days is up to $52,000.  I haven't slept in weeks but I am so pleased to have things moving again.  This has been the worst and best experience.  I never dreamed in a million years I would have even had the opportunity to go through this mess.  This journey just keeps getting better and better.  I thank you both for everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly!  I hope my positivity doesn't annoy you too much but I feel blessed!  If I ever start making Tapout money, expect some checks, free and clear of any obligations.  I wish you both continued success.  I will email MTCN # tomorrow.


Received Jan 20th
I still owe $1750 for your percentage of the Nuvasive order.

And that was the last time Noel from Fight Mafia has contacted me. Sorry for the length of all this but I need everyone to see what type of person Noel is. Here's a recap of his quotes
"You will recieve the check no later then 12:00pm (noon) on January 15th as scheduled
I have made promises and they have not all came through.  That's my bad
Please do not worry about payment, it will be recieved.  I have sent a Certified Check in the full amount, please remain calm, it will arrive
No worries, you will recieve funds on the 15th as promised"


The only thing I don't have was my first conversation Noel and I had over the phone. I wish I would've recorded it. I was calling to ask why Nuvasive had not received their shirts a good month after the fight. To which he responded that he's a one man show and he cuts and prints every shirt himself. This was on a Friday and he swore he was going to work all weekend on filling Nuvasive's order and he would ship out every shirt he made, overnighting them on Monday so they would be received by their sales meeting on Tues night. No shirts were received. About a month later Nuvasive started getting shirts straight from Pakistan. I have no problem with outsourcing. But I do have a problem being lied to. And doing work for which I am not paid. He also said the demand for my shirt was so high that he was having a hard time filling orders. Claiming to have sold 1,000 shirts in 4 days since they went on sale. Do the math kids, that's $38,000 off my name. So, that's the story.

I've learned another lesson here. I much prefer to stick with the big companies. They got big for a reason, they know how to run a business. Much props to Sprawl, TapOut, Silver Star, Ecko, Affliction and many others.

Oh yea, I'm also fighting March 31 on Spike Fight Night vs Jorge Rivera. Stay tuned for details on that walkout shirt, cuz it's gonna be cooool  :-) 

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