Josh Barnett wins one for Catch at Gracie Nationals



  1. I am the 206+ advanced no gi champ at the Gracie Nationals. Thank to all for support and help. This one's for Billy. CSW, Catch! #fb

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Thunderlips The Ultimate Male site profile image  

1/26/10 4:10 AM by Thunderlips The Ultimate Male

Barnett's real life trolling of the BJJ world is pretty funny.

DomenicVelluso site profile image  

1/26/10 4:08 AM by DomenicVelluso

i agree with your statement but usain bolt does roid he just hasnt got caught yet.

MattMMAtv site profile image  

1/26/10 4:00 AM by MattMMAtv

Will there be tesing for steriods?

Hobnobb site profile image  

1/26/10 3:28 AM by Hobnobb

TTT for Josh! Great job!Who cares if he is roiding. That is not why he won.

PembrokePinesVillain site profile image  

1/26/10 3:16 AM by PembrokePinesVillain

 Honestly who cares? hes been caught roiding 3 freaking times....... if they found out usain bolt roided and then caught him 2 more times do you think he would brag about winning anything? do you think anyone would care? no, so why post this crap hes a cheat and no one will ever respect him for anything he does ever again

Amadeus B site profile image  

1/26/10 2:52 AM by Amadeus B


Macabuhay site profile image  

1/25/10 10:39 AM by Macabuhay

I believe he rolled twice. Th first guy he caught with a kneebar about 1:00 in. The second match was against one of his CSW training partners, again I think it was a kneebar a few minutes in. I don't think he planned on rolling, similar to how Ryan Hall didn't attend with the intention on rolling. But both put on a show.

Tomato Can site profile image  

1/25/10 9:52 AM by Tomato Can

No, there's no testing in sport BJJ. I'm guessing at least a few of the top names have juiced significantly.

Wovito site profile image  

1/25/10 9:42 AM by Wovito

RIght. That's why all the current UFC belt holders are cat h wrestlers and not BJJ black belts . . . oh, wait.At least Barnett did catch wrestling proud when he had a chance to put it on display against the baddest man on the planet. . . . oh, wait.Might want to re-think that one.

H site profile image  

1/25/10 9:12 AM by H

That's a big spread for heavyweights. Sucks for legit 205 lb'ers.