Behind the Scenes with Wanderlei Silva


UFC 110 Countdown Preview: Behind the Scenes With Wanderlei Silva


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ryangruhn site profile image  

1/30/10 3:12 PM by ryangruhn

 A few years back Phil was taking privates with me and we we're setting up a training session on the fly so he said he'd "just text" me what time worked for him. I get a text later that day that says: "11:30 works for me,  . . .  MR. WONDERFUL!" Now, depending on how you read that it could seem like he was calling me the wonderful one.  Needless to say I was worried there for a day or two that this Phil dude was coming on to me in some way.

Ensanity site profile image  

1/28/10 10:21 PM by Ensanity

"That Dude" Phil Davis"Big right hand by 'That Dude'""What is 'That Dude's record???""Who is fighting 'That Dude' next???"

Brasco site profile image  

1/28/10 10:17 PM by Brasco

Mr Wonderful is fine

RedCoat site profile image  

1/28/10 10:13 PM by RedCoat

Lmao reminds me of that video of the news reporter that was doing some bit, speaking professionally and a bug got into his mouth and he went all ghetto, was pretty hilarious.

jiujitsumma site profile image  

1/28/10 10:10 PM by jiujitsumma

Phil "That's Wasist" Davis imo.

Jason Franklin site profile image  

1/28/10 9:51 PM by Jason Franklin

Agreed...maybe "Mr. Bojangles" the way he was "cooning" for his boys and the camera.

Ronald McDojo site profile image  

1/28/10 8:54 PM by Ronald McDojo

 Phil "the pill" Davis, of course. The chill, the get the idea.

AK-BJJ site profile image  

1/28/10 8:54 PM by AK-BJJ

Phil "Very Well Spoken" Davis, imo...

Warcloud site profile image  

1/28/10 8:54 PM by Warcloud

Phil The cobra DavisPhil death sentence DavisPhil ice grill Davis Phil cyanide Davis

Warcloud site profile image  

1/28/10 8:50 PM by Warcloud

Phil "blood spill" Davis