Jean Claude Van Damme may fight for real, for reality show

by Ronnie Nathanielsz | source:

Olympic Gold Medal Winner To Face Van Damme?

Thailand’s Olympic featherweight boxing champion Somluck Kamsing will fight international martial arts star Jean-Claude Van Damme in a K1 MuayThai match in Las Vegas in March although there was another report out of Bangkok that said the showdown would be in October.

Thai media reported that the earlier story about a possible match between  the 38-year-old Atlanta Olympic Games  gold medalist and the 49-year-old Hollywood star has been confirmed after the two fighters signed a contract on December 29 in a Bangkok hotel.

The report said the match will use the muaythai format, although elbows will be disallowed at the request of Van Damme who is an actor and doesn’t want his face cut up or disfigured. Somluck will be paid just over $100,000 which does not include the income from broadcasting.

“I said I wasn’t lying,” said Somluck, referring to his earlier comments about the possibility of this match. The report from Bangkok said Somluck is well known for his tendency to exaggerate things.

The Olympic gold medalist said “I thought he was of much larger stature. But when we were standing next to each other, he wasn’t any bigger than me. So, I’m confident now. I’m better in muaythai techniques and I will have fun kicking the star. However, I won’t be careless and will keep training myself.”

Somluck is  also hoping to be able to fight other international martial arts stars.

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ausgepicht site profile image  

1/27/10 3:28 PM by ausgepicht


SQad127 site profile image  

1/27/10 2:32 PM by SQad127

 when JCVD gets knocked the fuck out Compression kills himself.. bet on it

strykr619 site profile image  

1/27/10 2:21 PM by strykr619

You should check out this interview from the guy who beat JCVD in competitions ... some interesting stuff with pics also

thefightingsheep site profile image  

1/27/10 1:46 PM by thefightingsheep

 There's a thread with a video of one of his "world championship fights" and it is under point fighting rules and it looks to me like he is fighting only other teenage contestants.  It's typical in the point sparring circuits to make every tournament a grand national universal world championship and to describe them as full contact meaning that you are allowed to land your (single) shots hard and/or punches to the face are allowed. I've fought under those rules and I know several teenage mulitple-time "world champions" who would have records better than Van Damme did.  I would hardly put myself or them in a fight with an Olympic boxer and accomplished Muay Thai guy, though....especially 30 years removed from competition.

Almanac site profile image  

1/27/10 3:44 AM by Almanac

great video

decu68 site profile image  

1/27/10 1:59 AM by decu68

Unfortunately Compression you are the one who missed the point. The whole argument that you started was a prime JCVD entering today's MMA ring and being able to kick ass with just the skill he has; and you are wrong, wrong, wrong.Don't know where you got that I shit on all martial arts prior to MMA; never said that once. Rather I enjoy what each martial art has unique and when added to others how they can fill holes to make a complete fighter. Not just a MMA fighter but military, self defense, etc. MMA is just a natural transition so that those people can test their skills against one another.Agreed. You need a foundation to build from and then add to it to fill holes to make you more complete; couldn't agree with you more. Sounds like Randy Couture to me. And definitely Randy has evolved since he first stepped into the cage to fight. From the way he has trained to what he trains. Wrestling is definitely his foundation and then he added some dirty boxing, and has trained other aspects of the fight game. He is not the same guy that entered back in 1997. And I will agree age is catching up with him and is against him and it is harder to train, recover and be as effective.You had some good points in there but some is just regurgitated fluff to make you sound like you know more then you do. And sadly you finished off with showing your true colors. I however will refrain from calling names like "retard" or cut down your school. I understand that is a defense mechanism that many immature people will do when they feel they are at a loss to say anything further civil or meaningful.Again for the record, JCVD is an actor and while younger may have been a good competitor but those skills would be limited today and they'd be his undoing should he had been taken from his era and dropped into a MMA ring. That was the initial argument and that is still the truth.

Compression site profile image  

1/27/10 12:41 AM by Compression

decu your clueless, you completly missed all my points!!! My point about him being in his prime was for the fact that he wouldn't be as is now: OLD, COKE HEAD, & HASN'T FOUGHT IN YEARS!!!! I never said anything bad against modern training & never said he would be training the same as he did back then. Modern cardio techniques & evovling your game is essential, but as I said fighters back then didn't make the kind of money the guys do now(I know alot still don't make much & things need to change that way) & they did not host events that often, so guys could not dedicate there whole lives to a future in mma.You shit on all martial arts prior to mma & that is what makes you a moron. To be the best you do need to train a little of everything but being great at one will get you further than being a jack of all trades with none of them being very good. Cardio is very important to have, but it ain't worth shit if the other guy has ton of skill & can take you out quick. Now yes add that cardio & the guy is way more dangerous.Your comment about professional wrestlers & what they put there bodies through is valid, but most of the guys now don't fight 300 times a year anymore because there is alot more money in it today(Not as many regional small shows in the states anymore that is where all those matches came from). The old guys for the most part like I said where tougher, was it the smartest thing for their future? Probably not, but I'd rather fight a guy who is concerned about his looks, being able to walk in his future, & not having brain damage, etc... than fighting someone with total disregard for there life!!! You obviously have no clue about most of the martial artists in films(most where/are not like David Caridine), they actually know their shit. There is just more money in movies(especially back then, when fighters made close to nothing)!!!By the way Randy Couture is a very poor example for an evolving fighter!!! I love the guy but he fights the same way in all his fights: clinch, dirty box, ground & pound. Him getting better has to do with more experience fighting. He needs to hang'em up now, he took too much time off trying to leave the UFC & is now too old to continue doing it anymore. If you did actually watch the early fights you would know that Royce was most worried about fighting Gerald Gordeau( a striker) not Ken Shamrock(a grappler submission artist) in UFC 1!!!! Learn some history of martial arts & obviously UFC & all mma & maybe I'll bother talking fighting with you again!!! You should try learning some of them also & not at some hack school!!! I'm done with you, have fun talking out your ass to the retards on these sites, you have alot in common.

TOM666 site profile image  

1/26/10 9:14 PM by TOM666

This is gettin' LOL. Keep it up!

Pandanus site profile image  

1/26/10 8:48 PM by Pandanus

Chuck Zito > Van Damme

Pai Mei site profile image  

1/26/10 8:20 PM by Pai Mei

JCVD has lost his mind