Trigg holds a grudge against "That Fool" Jerry Millen


“I thought Jerry really was a good guy when I first met him and that he really had his heart and intentions in the right place to help the sport and PRIDE,” Trigg says. "When it came down to PRIDE getting picked up by the UFC — when you leave an organization certain things have to happen — certain people have to be let go and certain people get thrown under the bus and hung out to dry and that fool dumped me out there in the middle of nowhere to fend for myself. It didn’t make any sense to me that he did what he did. He left me to hang, high and dry. At the end of the day I found out the hard way that he was only out there for himself. “

What Millen “did,” Trigg says, was force him to read inflammatory statements that he wrote which attacked the UFC and its president Dana White, who happened to be a longtime nemesis of Millen’s. Because of Millen’s poor executive decision, Trigg had a falling out with White that was only recently quashed when he began talks with the organization to return to the Octagon since last fighting in it five years ago opposite Georges St-Pierre at UFC 54.

“I’m loyal to a fault and I guess I didn’t see it coming. Mauro Ranallo and Bas Rutten recognized early on that Jerry Millen was an idiot and I was the one left standing holding the bag. I actually got into trouble with Dana White and the UFC when PRIDE came to Vegas because of the scripts I was given and what I was told to say by Millen. He didn’t go on any of the radio shows or do any interviews, he just hid out in his hotel room so Dana didn’t see him. He was like ‘Make sure you say how much better our guys are compared to UFC guys and how our organization is better then theirs’ and I went out and did what I was told and Dana got mad, and rightfully so since I was basically badmouthing his organization.

"So not only did I no longer have a job when PRIDE was sold to the UFC, I was on the outside looking in for the next year and a half because there was no place for me. Why would they want to have a turncoat and why would you want one of the guys you took care of who did you wrong back working for you? Jerry hung me out there, which was really a dick move. He shouldn’t have done things the way he did and he should have taken responsibility for what he did."

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Hojak site profile image  

1/27/10 11:22 AM by Hojak

Oh yeah, Champ?Catch Affliction by chance? How many UFCs did you watch while Pride was around?Vice versa... how many Pride FC events did you catch?Notice how they've somehow referred to MMA backhandedly in every major Boxing PPV in the last 3 years?Did you really miss that much innuendo? If that's the case, your response to this topic doesn't surprise me at all.And dude, why would Showtime and HBO shitbag one another??? They both work with the same Boxing organizations, depending on the scenario and match-up. MUCH different circumstance than that which you so generally speak of in your topic here.While you appeal as somewhat smarter than you did before by way of this admission (appreciate the clarity), you still aren't that smart. Believe me when I tell you that these announcers are told exactly what to say and when to say it at many, many points throughout any broadcast event, regardless of the topic at hand or point of the statement.

MNFAN site profile image  

1/27/10 11:10 AM by MNFAN

Glad you read my post. I never said that announcers aren't told to not promote their company's agenda. I said most announcers aren't told to 'badmouth' other organizations like Trigg insinuated. When was the last time you heard an announcer on HBO boxing say anything at all about Showtime? Also, if Trigg was specifically told by Millen to 'badmouth' the UFC, and Trigg was afraid of burning bridges with the UFC, then he should have been more diplomatic about what he said.

HULKSMASH site profile image  

1/27/10 10:29 AM by HULKSMASH

The hair says it all.....

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

1/27/10 10:17 AM by ranier wolfcastle

 i cant say anything good about millen

DanEzra site profile image  

1/27/10 10:13 AM by DanEzra

Hasn't Rogan said on here numerous times that he isn't told what to say during UFC broadcasts by anyone?

Jsteven site profile image  

1/27/10 10:11 AM by Jsteven

You are probably right a stand up guy like Jerry Millen would never ask an employee to bad mouth a rival promotion run by a person he had a personal beef with.   

Hojak site profile image  

1/27/10 10:07 AM by Hojak

With all due respect, I've seen stupider shit go up here.Then again, this is the UG, and what you just suggested is outright fucknig retarded.If you think for one second that the announcers behind the booths in ANY pay per view event aren't told to promote the company's agenda in some sense, you're out of your mind.Pride referring to the UFC for years?Boxing's Teddy Atlas referring to his love for "this sport" (boxing)?The UFC's own Mike Goldberg referring to "that other promotion" on occasions?Seriously. I'm asked the same often, but I wonder if you people actually think about what you're typing as you type it. Some of you have gotten way too comfy staring at a screen and agreeing with the last guy to stroke you here.

Bat21 site profile image  

1/27/10 9:57 AM by Bat21

 LOL! I do it every day. The difference is that my boss isn't a douch-nozzle like Millen, and he would expect to get called on his shit if I thought that what he wanted me to do was ill-advised or just plain wrong.

Kneeblock site profile image  

1/27/10 9:49 AM by Kneeblock

^ Exactly.  I don't buy this story at all.  Jerry probably made suggestions to Trigg to hype the product over the UFC, but to say he forced him to is obvious spin to be in good graces with the UFC.  Frank is kissing the ring so he doesn't have to work at Subway.  Transparent attempt is transparent.

MNFAN site profile image  

1/27/10 9:43 AM by MNFAN

Very few commentators have guidelines where they are told to 'badmouth' other organizations. Unless it's the WWE, most announcers don't have those types of mandates. There are ways to be critical and still somewhat diplomatic.