Vitor Belfort: Didn't want title shot this early


Vitor Belfort talked about his history with Anderson Silva (training partners) and how he hopes that Anderson understands that this is a professional sport and there is nothing personal. He also mentioned how he didn't want an early title shot but the UFC insisted on it (weird thing to say at this point. Lorenzo didn''t look too much happy with that comment). He said it's good to be back in Abu Dhabi and he hopes to put on a show with Anderson in April.

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Bobby Lupo site profile image  

1/28/10 11:22 AM by Bobby Lupo

 Middle Vitor IMO

MITman2k site profile image  

1/28/10 11:17 AM by MITman2k

This makes me somewhat less inclined to want this matchup, will we be seeing the best vitor possible given the circumstances come fight time? I'd think the best thing for business from the ufc's point of view would be a competitive/exciting fight. I don't know if that will come about with two seemingly hesitant participants but we'll see.

canuck34 site profile image  

1/28/10 11:02 AM by canuck34

I didn't have much interest in a Dan Henderson rematch.Silva would probably win even more easily than he did the first time.

awilson82 site profile image  

1/28/10 10:59 AM by awilson82

 Dan shoulda got the shot promised to him imo. However I do wanna see Vitor v Anderson they just shoulda let Dan fight him first and had Vitor fight another contender in the mean time.

Misedukatd site profile image  

1/28/10 10:56 AM by Misedukatd

does anyone know which vitor this was? Was it the new old new vitor or the new new old vitor? 

Snappy Whistleteeth site profile image  

1/28/10 10:38 AM by Snappy Whistleteeth

 ding ding ding....tell him what he's won Jack. 

disbeliever site profile image  

1/28/10 10:35 AM by disbeliever

Maybe he is just trying to calm anderson's anger, who knows

goku site profile image  

1/28/10 10:30 AM by goku

 not a good sign for vitor.;..hes known to be mentally soft, and this will not help anyone know the betting line?

blackmonkey site profile image  

1/28/10 10:25 AM by blackmonkey


bryanand site profile image  

1/28/10 10:09 AM by bryanand

Looks like the mental retard version of Vitor will be fighting again, great!