Belfort: Anderson seemed upset or nervous


Vitor Belfort - "I don't know what hapenned, he seemed upset or nervous, I don't know. We were face to face, but we didn't greet each other. Some people like to stare down, but when the fight is on it doesn't matter who can hold the stare the longest. I won the heavyweight tournament and the light heavyweight championship, and I want to be called a UFC champion again. (...) Anderson is really dangerous and has all these wepons, but I have a good chance, and I'm working on a strategy to beat him."

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Rumbler site profile image  

2/1/10 1:38 PM by Rumbler

I'm not "Hiding". I've posted my real name, posted pic's of myself, and named the city/state where I live in previous posts, but I see no need to go beyond that. "Hide behind your keyboard" "I bet you live in your moms basement" "I bet you wouldn't say that to my face!" ^Have all jumped the shark, IMO.   No need to get upset. We all act like a dicks a some point.      

PH3NOM site profile image  

2/1/10 1:58 AM by PH3NOM

Anderson Does Fear Vitor. Anderson Fears Vitors hand speed, power, and agility. There is no way Anderson walks out the MW champ. The Spider is about to get squished by The Phenom. Go Vitor...!!!!

CLINTK9 site profile image  

1/31/10 3:14 PM by CLINTK9

ttt for this fight!

Jetster site profile image  

1/31/10 2:23 PM by Jetster

P4P the Best...RIP Vitor!!!!

Soup and Beer site profile image  

1/31/10 12:34 PM by Soup and Beer

 I really, REALLY want Vitor to win.  Unfortunately I am forced to face reality and realize that Vitor is going to get picked apart no matter what strategy he uses.

chrisdaniels85 site profile image  

1/31/10 12:32 PM by chrisdaniels85

This is the Vitor that needs to show up to fight Silva...

Andy the man site profile image  

1/31/10 12:29 PM by Andy the man

Anderson shot a td on lee murray .... vitor will fold him like a deck chair !Vitor by 1st round tko .

chrisdaniels85 site profile image  

1/31/10 12:26 PM by chrisdaniels85


KneeToFaceKo site profile image  

1/31/10 11:51 AM by KneeToFaceKo