Reed Harris: Tito is full of sh*t about Chuck's "alcoholism"


Tito Ortiz:
"I think [Liddell] had a problem. A lot of people go through addiction. I think his deal was he was an alcoholic. He loved to party. When you have all the money in the world and you can do what you want, no one tells you, 'No.' You're one of the baddest men on the Earth; no one tells you, 'No.' You can do what you want.' Thank God that Dana gave [Liddell] an intervention, and he's sober now. He's been sober since November, and he looks like a different person. It's awesome. I'm proud of him – really proud of him ... I'm proud he's found sobriety. A lot of fighters, and a lot of people in general, don't do that. They fall off the face of the earth, and sometimes they'll find them in a hotel, dead, or behind a wheel, dead. Thank God Chuck isn't one of those guys. Thank God he found sobriety, and I'm proud of him – very proud of him."

Reed Harris:
"No, it's not true at all. He's full of shit. Let me tell you what Chuck told me. He's gonna break his head open! Yeah, he's pissed."