Joe Rogan comments on Strikeforce

by Joe Rogan | source: The UnderGround

From: Joe Rogan
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I was just thinking about how fucking fun it is to watch shows when you don't have to commentate. I love working for the UFC, and the job is a complete and total honor, and one of the coolest jobs on the planet, but it's so much fucking fun to watch fights when you don't have to talk all the time.
After all these years of being an MMA fan, it's still just as exciting.

Nick Diaz is a fucking MONSTER. That dude just gets better with every performance, and he was in some rare air last night. Brutal body shots, and relentless striking. I thought it was fucking awesome.
The Lawler fight was insane. That was one of the greatest, come from behind KO's ever, and the fact that he only landed 3 punches makes the story perfect. That shit was MMA history.
People will be talking about that KO for decades.

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Magic8 site profile image  

2/6/10 9:28 PM by Magic8

 It's one thing to say Fedor isn't the top P4P fighter in the world, or isn't even the top HW.  Fine.   But to say ridiculous shit like Fedor's ducking top fighters, or you can't remember the last time he fought someone relevant when his last two opponants were top 10 guys....That's just shameless Zuffa bullshit.   The only guys that say shit like that are signed UFC guys.

Putin site profile image  

2/6/10 9:01 PM by Putin

aint no bitch

butcher4 site profile image  

2/6/10 5:47 AM by butcher4

When you watch other shows do you mute the TV and do your own commentary?

juant1 site profile image  

2/5/10 9:29 PM by juant1

At least Joe watches ohter shows. Strikeforce had some great fights that night!! Diaz and Lawler fights were awesome. At least he is not a complete douche like Dana!Who thinks MMA is only UFC!! Thank's for supporting MMA!!

Oddessa site profile image  

2/5/10 1:16 PM by Oddessa

 I find when I watch a fight when bookin/working it, I dont absorb as much of it as when i dont have the money stress.. So isnt a fight since 2000 that I prob havent seen at least 2-5x...bc I end up rewatchen them b4 next fights when making numbers .. outside the most obvious matchups btwn the mainstream guys that get shoved down our throat. studying for a a teaching lesson plan Looking 4ward to the Torres and the Davis fight more than most bouts on this card...

Fightin_Chance site profile image  

2/5/10 1:08 PM by Fightin_Chance

that makes perfect sense, actually  

chingluksuwa site profile image  

2/5/10 12:57 PM by chingluksuwa

Life is good whenever I'm watching any fightsI remember a time when I couldn't get anything at all until it came out on video, and going to any event was an almost impossible dream.Now i've been to a handful of UFC's, can watch events all over the place and even attend the odd seminar with a famous fighter.We live in a great world.

john joe site profile image  

2/3/10 6:40 AM by john joe

funny, I am the complete opposite. I got to hit a show recently where someone else had the reporting covered for FO and I had a night off, nothing to so, so I went and sat up in the circle and drank some beers and just watched the fights and i thought it was awesome.Daft as this might sound, when you're sitting cageside you often dont get to 'see' the whole fight because you lose moments here and there where you are looking down as you take notes, which i find can break up the fight for me sometimes and even spoil it a bit.

BzGrappla site profile image  

2/3/10 1:39 AM by BzGrappla

Diaz says and sees no reason why he cant fight ufc fighters like gsp.its one big world baby

CRE site profile image  

2/3/10 1:11 AM by CRE

LOL!! really, people need to get over that already.Like Fedor is some untouchable god who can't spoken about in any shape form or fashion other than positive, I am sure even TSGIGOR would disagree with some of the radicals who witch hunt those who may not always agreee on all accounts of Fedor being the best at everything MMA related.