Tito talks bad blood

by Ariel Helwani | source: mmafighting.com

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BrutalMedic site profile image  

2/8/10 2:01 PM by BrutalMedic

You gotta respect Ortiz. English isn't his first language, is it not Spanish? And he still smack talks. Fair enough he gets it wrong every time, but so would Wand/Shogun if they tried to say the things he's saying.

LayzieTheSavage site profile image  

2/8/10 1:58 PM by LayzieTheSavage

 Stoked to see Tito vs Chuck again... I could watch those two fight all day. 

Boldar site profile image  

2/8/10 1:44 PM by Boldar

Come on now. Everyone should know at this point that Tito is all about the hype and will say anything to get it.

fightcity site profile image  

2/8/10 5:04 AM by fightcity

Tito has always been a bitch who talks shit about everyone.

jdesko23 site profile image  

2/8/10 3:34 AM by jdesko23

 1) Jenna is a whore. 2) Tito is a douchebag and I REALLY hope Chuck KO's him.  won't happen, but god I can dream.  and I hope when Tito wakes up he says something like ''chuck didn't knock me out, i had my chin in the wrong spot at the wrong time and he hit it, he didn't knock me out, my chin was in the wrong spot'' 3) Ariel is the man

sureshock site profile image  

2/8/10 12:12 AM by sureshock

cracked skull bro. can't hold it against him.

newf5575 site profile image  

2/7/10 10:45 PM by newf5575

Now I don't condone calling anyone's wife/babymama a whore, but porn star= banging men/women for money. Not the same as a streetwalker but not that much of a difference.

theppfftt site profile image  

2/7/10 10:38 PM by theppfftt

yeah good ol fashion tito ortiz style worked wonders against liddell for both of his fights...good luck with that one.

RyanWilcox site profile image  

2/7/10 10:00 PM by RyanWilcox

Tito knows he is old news and no one gives a fuck about his overrated ass anymore. So to make himself "matter", he decides to become a bitch who talks shit about everyone.

Jaguarrior1975 site profile image  

2/7/10 9:55 PM by Jaguarrior1975

I like Tito but why did he talk about Chuck's battle with alcoholism if he believes in not messing with a persons personal/family problems. Oh well... Good fight last night for Couture.