Bobby Razak: MMA please don't forget Mark Coleman

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My name is Bobby Razak I just wanted to come on the forum and speak a little about Mark Coleman.

Mark and Kevin also gave me my first break in this biz almost 11 -12 years ago. Mark opened a lot of doors for me, he even fought for me for free in pit fight to help a young upcoming filmmaker. I saw him and filmed him many times all over the world including many great battles in japan with Pride.

I went to Vegas to see him fight with Randy at ufc 106 and also to take the Ruffo Bros to show them there new commercial on the jumbo tron. Sitting in the audience with the fans I had one thought in mind, mma please don't forget this man . Mma please keep helping this man.

I saw his payout for this fight 60k. 60k will be gone soon after taxes , management , training expenses that cash wont last more than 9 months.

I filmed a doc called fallen soldier on my friend ex middleweight champion Gerald Mclellan. The thing I found out that boxing does not give a fuck about its own and let G-Man rot in Freeport, while his two sisters work in 12 hour shifts to look after him, to let him know in the darkness that he will be ok.

This post is not about G-Man but about Mark. Why am I writing this??? I want Mark to be ok I want him to have a happy and fruitful life deserving of a legend like him. I want mma to be diff.

I hope he finds his way after mma. I hope the powers that be will keep looking out for him, keep him in the mix. Help him find his way as he transitions to life after competing. Mark is great he even made it to the Olympics in Barcelona.

Mark you are a legend and thank you for all your help I wont forget that. To the powers that be DONT FORGET HIM and others in his situation.

Bobby Razak


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2/10/10 12:58 PM by RickStorm


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2/10/10 8:16 AM by FuriaFightWear

Bobby where can i find that film? I would really like to watch it.Thanks

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2/10/10 7:57 AM by UltraViolentRay

How many "non-UFC ex champs" have a McDojo with no fighting credentials at all make a good living out of it? That's right, you don't have to make champs at your gym to make it a financial success. In fact, fighters should be lowest on your priority if you want a easy money maker - white collar professionals and their kids are where its at. So don't say he can't do it due to some sort of MMA image.

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2/10/10 6:41 AM by pato1

Fuck. Heartbroken Lee is onto something. An Antidote T-Shirt in the Underground Store! I'm sure that would sell if it didn't have the same rehashed-a-1000-times designs similar to Affliction, Sinister, etc.

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2/10/10 5:19 AM by pato1

I actually hope Mark Coleman makes it on his own, with or without MMA and that any sentimentality for him here is misplaced. With his credentials, what should stop him from pitching up his tent and heading over to strikeforce or from training/co-training other talent? If Sokoudjou can enter the Super Hulk tournament... I would've thought that he has quite a few options left open.Maybe his time at the top of the food chain is and has been done awhile but getting there is reserved only for a select few anyway. Its always sad to see an ageing, proud champion lose in dominating fashion.Here's to success on whatever he decides to do next.

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2/9/10 11:47 AM by brdrchoker

 I respect Mark Coleman as a fighter...but this please help bullshit is just that..........bullshit.   Now Before you all start flaming, hear me out.    Mark is a grown man, who should have taken some of what he was earning and invested wisely. Is it our fault he didn't  No as for having a school, hammer house, why are the not discussed anymore? They never evolved with the sport so they were passed by. This is a proven point by th rnc that was applied by a fighter from the same era who chose to evolve.  Guess he will have to get a career and work like others, alot of other people start second careers late in life.  I personally wish him the best of luck, but you coming on here pandering on his behalf....I would bet without his knowledge, disrespects him. Just my humble opinion.  

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2/9/10 11:12 AM by thforklift

Mark Coleman - huge reason why I ever stepped in a ring.

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2/9/10 9:21 AM by damaebushi

Great post.  Mark is a true legend and pioneer who stuck with MMA through good times and bad.  He was one of the ones who paved the way and help build what we have today.  He should always be respected, and never be forgotten.  The few times I have met him, he was always a really decent person. Respectfully: Fred

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2/9/10 9:09 AM by Heartbroken Lee

If the UFC cut him, they should at least sort him out with merchandise and other revenues.E.g. an Antidote/Hammer action figure, do a Hammer T-Shirt, stuff like that.

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2/9/10 9:00 AM by Bobby Lupo

 Tompkins was 0-4 as a fighter and is one of the most sought after striking trainers in MMA. Coleman made the best use of wrestling and G&P in the history of the sport and would be a great addition to almost any gym in the world. The UK fighters have sub standard wrestling, maybe there's a fit there. Maybe the Tapout gym? It's not like he's without options, braindead and in a wheelchair. He's a man with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a field where people are willing to pay big bucks to learn. He should be fine.