Kos & Chuck taunt Tito on twitter

source: twitter.com
  1. Hey @titoortiz so do you think you would take the fight?? About 90% of the people on MMA.tv think I would get you!!!
  2. 2 little? Look at the old days of the UFC. I would bet 100k of my own money on it.After I fu*k this Brit up,I want to kick big mouths ass. Twitterrific

read entre Kos twitter...


Chuck Liddell then retweeted it
read entire Chuck twitter...

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2/10/10 3:38 AM by K-Dub-"T"

 lol. WINNER!

Monsters Ball site profile image  

2/10/10 2:55 AM by Monsters Ball

Thanks for taking the time to explain Joe. You are a good man!

The Notorious OMG site profile image  

2/10/10 2:43 AM by The Notorious OMG

fuck the Tito Ortiz nonsense, Koscheck vs Daley is gonna be fucking nuts. I want that fight to happen like 4 times a year, too bad one of them has to lose. and lol @ douches on twitter talking shit to Koscheck...aaahh to be 16 years old taking full advantage of the comfort of mom and dad's internet. twitter is so juvenile, i don't get that shit. yeah why not RT @bigballaplaya Hey yo wazzup aight@KellyKellKells omg hi teehee etc etc etc...wtf

Joe Lauzon site profile image  

2/10/10 2:36 AM by Joe Lauzon

 It is good for those people... but it's cool because most people respond to their fans on their twitter. I know I answer a TON of stuff on there and others do too. Its nice too because when 300 people ask when my next fight is... I answer 1 person and everyone sees. I get most of my MMA News from my twitter now because I follow the major news sites and I always see breaking news on there. 

OWNEDbythe209 site profile image  

2/10/10 2:35 AM by OWNEDbythe209

dude, cause I totally want to know when you're taking a shit

Bill Pharoni site profile image  

2/10/10 2:35 AM by Bill Pharoni


PSBlows site profile image  

2/10/10 2:32 AM by PSBlows

Yeah I read it, but it sounds like something that's more useful for well known people (artists, athletes, people in entertainment, etc) to post their thoughts for people to follow.

OWNEDbythe209 site profile image  

2/10/10 2:31 AM by OWNEDbythe209

Kos has KO power and better wrestling.. shit he's even less annoying.. Kos by anything he wants.

UfcSpyGUY site profile image  

2/10/10 2:22 AM by UfcSpyGUY

 wow 90% more like 9 % Ortiz would beat Kos into a living death, really he would.

RedCoat site profile image  

2/10/10 2:19 AM by RedCoat

Thanks Creepy Joe!