Sonen: 'Ed Soares is not in a position of power'

by Mike Hatamoto | source:

Chael Sonnen’s decision victory against Nate Marquardt at UFC 109 secured the outspoken Team Quest fighter a future bout with the winner of the Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort title fight during UFC 112.

During UFC 109 a few nights ago, Sonnen completely dominated the fight with 158 total strikes to Marquardt’s 46 strikes.  Marquardt got him in a very tight guillotine choke late in the third round, which Sonnen admitted wasn’t an ideal position to be in.

“Tapping, no,” Sonnen told MMA HQ, instead of saying he was close to “going out” from the choke.

Sonnen constantly causes controversies within the MMA community due to his very public opinion, and receives quite a bit of criticism.  Although some fighters claim they don’t listen to comments and criticisms, Sonnen admits he pays attention to the talk.  Specifically,  Sonnen was an underdog as Marquardt was highly praised as an all around better fighter:

“I listen to them (the comments).  I’m a fan, so I can’t get around the comments.  His skills are his skills and my skills are my skills.  Neither increase or diminishes the other thoughts.”

Sonnen has been extremely outspoken about fighting current champion Silva, even though the Brazilian fighter has dismantled opponents at middleweight and light heavyweight.

“Between the two of them, yeah.  Both fights will be miserable and hard.  Middleweight is by far the toughest weight class out there, so to get to the top, you have to be great and you have to expect the same from your opponent.”

Ed Soares, Silva’s manager, said Sonnen should have a rematch with Demian Maia before earning a shot at the title.  Maia beat Sonnen via triangle choke submission during UFC 95 last March.

“I won’t respond.  Ed isn’t in a position of power – he is in a position of opinion.  Dana (White) and Joe Silva have already spoken, their word is final, my fate is set.”

Unlike many professional MMA athletes, Sonnen still holds a job and volunteers in the community.

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pauleta26 site profile image  

2/11/10 3:24 PM by pauleta26

Warr Spider

Bastard In A Basket site profile image  

2/11/10 11:46 AM by Bastard In A Basket

What makes any of those three are more deserving of a title shot?

los grappler site profile image  

2/11/10 10:12 AM by los grappler

Imagine the conversations Chael and Evan Tanner must have had back in the old Team Quest days...AWESOME I IMAGINE!!!  

EckY site profile image  

2/11/10 6:37 AM by EckY

He deserves the shot more than Cote did and I dont remember Soares complaining about that.

wackymarv site profile image  

2/11/10 5:22 AM by wackymarv

Im seeing Randy Couture... with hair.

pato1 site profile image  

2/11/10 4:06 AM by pato1

Let's see. Anderson enters the UFC, smokes Chris Leben and get's a title shot. I just don't see where these guys can complain about anybody being worthy of a title shot, especially since they didn't have to work their way up the ladder.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

2/10/10 6:21 PM by lookoutawhale

imagine no: Brock lesnar vs Mir II BJ vs Jens Pulvar II GSP vs BJ II Rampage vs Wanderlei III GSP vs Matt Hughes II & III if they had mangement pushing for no 2nd match then no one could get a shot to redeem themself. Especially if they've work their way back to the top like Hendo and Nate did. This was said before Maia even fought, and Wanderlei had no intention to fight for the championship. He merely moved back into the division to some disdain. If its up to Ed they would screw up Chael too. Middleweight division is probably the most weakest division in all of the UFC. Its the one division where there should be a whole host of rematches since its so thin.

HereWeAre site profile image  

2/10/10 11:35 AM by HereWeAre

If by interesting you mean inane retarded bullshit then I agree.

Boldar site profile image  

2/10/10 11:31 AM by Boldar

Love him or hate him, Chael is good for the sport and I'm a fan.That said, Anderson via TKO Rnd 2.

Grakman site profile image  

2/10/10 10:58 AM by Grakman

You know, you're exactly right. This is the kind of stuff that happens when everyone gets ahead of themselves. We're all talking Chael v Silva for the belt... but say, isn't Silva fighting some other guy first? lol Vitor wins just to mess with everybody's plans.