Ricardo Almeida: Renzo may move to 155

source: mmajunkie.com

After getting smaller in the gym, Almeida told MMAjunkie.com that the Gracie statesman is himself considering a drop to the lightweight class after the April 10 fight in Abu Dhabi. Almeida's New Jersey gym has served as a primary meeting place for an ongoing camp that includes Gracie, Frankie Edgar, Rolles Gracie, and Dante Rivera.

"I think just [his] frame (suits a drop)," said Almeida. "Guys are cutting a lot of weight, and now I'm going down to 170 (pounds), and I think my frame's a little bit bigger than Renzo's."

"If you look at all the guys Renzo fought, it's guys who are past UFC champions," Almeida said. "Not to take anything away from Royce, but they had different careers. Royce started it all while Renzo was the one running with the flag the whole time."

"To be honest, [Renzo] did a lot better than guys are doing against B.J. now," Almeida said. "I think that eventually he wants to fight at (155), but he wants to see what Frankie is doing."

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da Vinci 81 site profile image  

2/10/10 3:40 PM by da Vinci 81

I thought this was going to be just a one-off return fight? Going to be pretty tough to make a comeback to full-time fighting when you're in your 40s.

HoldYerGround site profile image  

2/10/10 3:36 PM by HoldYerGround

I'm pretty confident that that whole thing is just hype.

johnnykage site profile image  

2/10/10 3:29 PM by johnnykage

I didn't know BJ was a trader. I thought his money came from his family. Thanks for the update jmmz.

jmmz site profile image  

2/10/10 12:33 PM by jmmz

You're a fucking moron. Renzo is the man and in my opinion the best Gracie MMA fighter ever. Hughes is going to be a tough fight. I hope he wins and avenges is lost to the back stabbing trader BJ.

HardHittingHeeb site profile image  

2/10/10 10:53 AM by HardHittingHeeb

He's fought and beat a who's-who. Renzo deserves to be in he UFC more than anyone.

Jonny Future site profile image  

2/10/10 9:59 AM by Jonny Future


Jonny Future site profile image  

2/10/10 9:58 AM by Jonny Future

You are a fucking idiot and should be banned....How could anyone hate on Renzo.FUCKING NOOB

Mako_ site profile image  

2/10/10 9:54 AM by Mako_

I think I can live with one less TUF cast member in the UFC. Earned through fighting? are you kidding me! Ok then, just for you maybe Renzon can fight the winner of TUF for the spot... I'm sure that would be competitive given how undeserving Renzo is....

banging site profile image  

2/10/10 8:32 AM by banging

He can beat hughes but it'll be a tough fight for sure. Respect that he wants to go in there and it will be competitive and exciting. Renzo is not scared about losing, he'll fight and fight and fight.

Poindexter site profile image  

2/9/10 11:22 PM by Poindexter

 Hughes has a farm to attend to.