Nogueira discusses UFC 110


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Phundamental site profile image  

2/13/10 11:34 PM by Phundamental

this and only this

jmacdoug site profile image  

2/13/10 9:04 PM by jmacdoug

WAR NOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous site profile image  

2/13/10 8:39 PM by Gorgeous

 Why does the ad say 20th? I'm confused.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

2/11/10 1:03 PM by SKARHEAD

Nog is everything that's good about this sport

MW site profile image  

2/11/10 12:45 PM by MW

Im thinking about putting some underdog money on Nog the Grande

mmarkrobinson site profile image  

2/11/10 12:16 PM by mmarkrobinson


JonnyW site profile image  

2/11/10 12:14 PM by JonnyW

Definately want Nog to win this one. I think he has a much better chance at beating Lesnar than Cain does. Plus its fracking Nogueira man.

Trick site profile image  

2/11/10 12:10 PM by Trick

In the last 10 years he's only lost to Fedor, Mir and Barnett ( most likely a roided out Barnett, but Nog avenged it later that year anyway) I'm confident Nog could avenge that loss to Mir as well.

jar of flies site profile image  

2/11/10 11:32 AM by jar of flies

Nogueira should have 10 minute 1st rounds for the remainder of his career, no questions asked.

DoubleBACO site profile image  

2/11/10 11:06 AM by DoubleBACO

War Nog. Love that guy. When he fought Fedor, I even became more of a fan.