Rampage: '[Rashad] ain't got no chin'

source: fightersonly

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson says time off from fighting in the Octagon will not be a factor when he finally steps in the cage to face his rival Rashad Evans in a light-heavyweight battle that has been brewing since an in-cage face-off at UFC 96 following Jackson’s win over Keith Jardine.


“I am a fighter, for real. I have taken time off before and come back and did a good job. Its all about what is in you. I ain’t worried about how many fights he got, I have beat people that fought every month while I didn’t fight in years. I have beat people who have way more experience than I do. Its all about what is in you, and Rashad talks too much. Its in me to whup up on him. Its in me,” he said.

The two built up serious animosity on The Ultimate Fighter season ten, verbally taunting each other daily and squaring off more than once during filming. But has the passage of time and a prolonged absence from Evans’ company taken the edge off the trash talk that so annoyed Jackson on the show?

Apparently not.

“Those words he said on The Ultimate Fighter show are  still around, I still got to hear it when fans bring it up all the time… The time is going to come, he is going to get his. I am going to test his chin because he has got no chin. A guy with a big mouth like that, and he ain’t got a chin. Its ironic,” Rampage smiled.

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fetalpuzishun site profile image  

2/11/10 5:20 PM by fetalpuzishun

While Rashad's chin isn't exactly Anderson Silva or Nick Diaz-like, it's still pretty durable.He got rocked but still came through well against a very powerful Thiago Silva right hand, and the Machida KO was a dead on money shot.He can be knocked out for sure, but to say he doesn't have a chin isn't true.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

2/11/10 5:17 PM by Chimonos Revenge

Rashad isnt going to get Rampage down any better than Hendo did.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

2/11/10 5:12 PM by Chimonos Revenge

Or the same Rampage that Ko'ed Chuck, Wanderlei, and Arona?

William Feathers site profile image  

2/11/10 3:58 PM by William Feathers

 Rampage will Ko Rashad         Rashad to cocky for his own good

disbeliever site profile image  

2/11/10 3:47 PM by disbeliever

Well said

Irule site profile image  

2/11/10 3:26 PM by Irule

Rampage may not have the wrestling credentials that Rashad has, but he is one of the strongest guys in the division, and should be able to fend off Rashad's take downs. He is also bigger than Rashad, with crisper stand up, and as we've seen in Rashad's fights, he isn't the most disciplined fighter out there. All it took for Silva to lure him into some stand up was a little bit of taunting, and he almost got ko'd because of it.This will be a stand up fight, and Rampage will win it.

100Percent site profile image  

2/11/10 2:55 PM by 100Percent

Something tells me this is not going to be a good fight. I think the both of them are going to be gun shy and we won't see anything spectacular. Just a grind to decision.

OWNEDbythe209 site profile image  

2/11/10 2:49 PM by OWNEDbythe209

 Rampage trains with the B-Team and he'll still win...

MMA Industries site profile image  

2/11/10 2:29 PM by MMA Industries

 Rashad by decision

ausgepicht site profile image  

2/11/10 2:03 PM by ausgepicht

Wow, you can point out that Rampage doesn't have a 100% KO ratio. You win nothing.