Vitor Belfort out for five to eight months

by Eduardo Ferreira | source: reported yesterday that the title fight between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, scheduled to UFC 112, would not happen anymore due to a shoulder injury of the challenger. Hours later, Dana White, UFC president, confirmed the information via twitter. Belfort’s manager, Fabiano Farah, called today to explain the fighter’s injury. According to the manager, the problems in his shoulder isn’t new.

“He tried to heal it to the fight against Jorge Santiago, then he did again to fight Rich Franklin and the last one was in last December, when he was supposed to face Anderson (UFC 108). When the fight was delayed, he continued training under medication and thought the fight would be transferred to February, what didn’t happen. Since his start in the UFC I told (the event) what was going on, send Lorenzo Fertitta the exams he was doing and having him posted”, explains Farah.

The manager reveled that Vitor’s pains was too strong and that did a MRI, which revealed a worst injury. “He sacrificed his body a lot, but getting inside the UFC was such a big motivation to him. Now he’s in really bug pain and the new MRI showed the injury is getting worse. His doctor, Michel Simoni, said that Vitor needs to stop now because his shoulder can get out o place. His recovering time, according to Simoni, is five to eight months”, reveals the manager. Stay tuned to or more news.

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BRO HYMN site profile image  

2/16/10 8:53 AM by BRO HYMN

Sorry to info, but i've been training Muay Thai for 6 years. I think that's enough for someone just do this for passion.

SecondBase site profile image  

2/15/10 10:21 AM by SecondBase

Horrible, but definitely not surprising news.

S0ME0NE_BETTER site profile image  

2/15/10 10:15 AM by S0ME0NE_BETTER

Damn, this sucks. Vitor was my original favorite fighter, until he fell off. I've been waiting for him to get his sh*t together & make a comeback forever. However, no I don't neccessarily think he could've beat A.Silva, but I woulda been rooting for him. Silva's startin to go from confident to cocky, or at least that Soares mofo makes it seem that way.

Jamon Shakur site profile image  

2/13/10 6:53 PM by Jamon Shakur

I have been skeptical about this whole "Anderson Silva title fight" since Anderson was initially reported injured and pulled out of 108, now this??If only Dana would have kept Hendo things would be fine right now, karma..karma..karma...Besides why give Maia the shot? He just have the most BORING FOTN at 109 and he just got KTFO'd against Marquardt.I say Anderson fights one more fight at 205 to remain active, then when Sonnen is cleared he gets the shot. Or a Sonnen/Maia rematch to determine who gets Anderson.Oh yeah, remember months ago the whole MMA world was CRYING because Marquardt and Hendo both felt they deserved the shot, so that mneant Anderson would have to "waste" 2 of his last "couple" fights on rematches that "nobody wants to see". SO then, Marquardt and Hendo sit around refusing to fight until the money is right (which never happens) and now we have even a bigger mess.Hendo was guranteed a title shot, Hendo never pulls out of fights, ever. We would have already seen Hendo/Silva 2 by now and this whole division would not have fallen into the giant mess it's currently in. God, please help this MW divison mess in the UFC!

DirtyRiver23 site profile image  

2/13/10 6:08 PM by DirtyRiver23

This defintiely sucks!!!

*UK* Rumble Young Man Rumble site profile image  

2/13/10 6:43 AM by *UK* Rumble Young Man Rumble

 Shocking news

raoulDuke site profile image  

2/13/10 5:58 AM by raoulDuke

lol @ anonymous internet user "bro hymn", a legitimate pussy who has never trained or fought in his life.keep chiming in with your expert's opinion from your armchair. i guess the world does need guys like you for some reason.

toshii site profile image  

2/13/10 4:26 AM by toshii

Sorry about your weird obsessive hatred for Vitor bro. Vitor fought a prime Chuck Liddell on 3 weeks notice.  Vitor fought heavyweight strikeforce champion AListair Overeem 2 times.  Vitor was willing to fight A Silva on Jan 2 when A Silva pulled out.   Link all the shows from where vitor appeared on tv nonstop instead of training the past six weeks or STFU

jmacdoug site profile image  

2/13/10 4:25 AM by jmacdoug

say, BRO HYMN, do you happen to be an Anderson fan?

BRO HYMN site profile image  

2/13/10 4:20 AM by BRO HYMN

B.... Do you want to mention the TV shows that Victor appears or his interviews talking shit about Anderson. He as nevre mention this injury. Now he appears wih this. Victor is menatlly weak. Deal with this. Even Carlson Gracie (R.I.P) admitted this. The fact, another great fight, with an opponent that would test him, that Victor pulls of. If it were Marvin Eastmann, would this injury appears?ps:Giardia, Yakuza poison water, broken hand, shoulder inury..The list is getting bigger.