Wand wants to train with, not fight Anderson Silva

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com

There is no doubt that Brazilian fighters are a proud people, and when rivalries rise up sometimes there's not much anybody can do to put out the fire.  One rivalry that came and went recently was between former training partners Wanderlei Silva and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with MMAWeekly.com, Wanderlei says that he no longer has a need to fight Anderson, and he even plans on working with the champ’s Black House team in the near future.

 "From now on I don't want to fight this man," Wanderlei said.  "Maybe as soon as possible I'm going train with him in L.A. because he has a good thing there."

 "He offered to give me a few classes and I think it would be good for me, for him, and I'm going to train with him there," Wanderlei commented.

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Thunderlips The Ultimate Male site profile image  

2/13/10 2:32 PM by Thunderlips The Ultimate Male

Wanderlei cornered Anderson in all of his fights in PRIDE.

Kimbos Beard site profile image  

2/13/10 2:20 PM by Kimbos Beard

Ahh, my bad man.Good post, and thanks for clearing it up in a cool headed manner.

card5 site profile image  

2/13/10 1:50 PM by card5

 win /lose wandy is not afraid of ANY man on the planet 

nofatchicks site profile image  

2/13/10 12:42 PM by nofatchicks

My comment was directed at Hollywood Mo for saying that you guys were talking like you were there. I was pointing out that you were properly disclosing the second hand nature of your information. Of course when people read speculation they dont like they say "you werent there so you dont know" which doesnt make the speculation from presumed reliable sources false.

On My Knees for Doom site profile image  

2/13/10 12:23 PM by On My Knees for Doom

 It's incredible to me that there are some people who don't even know that Anderson was once part of Chute Boxe.  How is that possible?! For the record, Chute Boxe always championed Anderson as their best grappler.  He was said to be better than anyone on the ground among the muay thai guys, but that's sort of like being the best kickboxer at the Gracie Academy. When Anderson left, suddenly Shogun was the best on the ground ever. As for who the best stand-up was, I have no idea, but Anderson has looked the best.

DevilsAdvocate site profile image  

2/13/10 12:19 PM by DevilsAdvocate

They are both "Silva". I know what you meant, but thought that should be pointed out.

eljamaiquino site profile image  

2/13/10 12:04 PM by eljamaiquino

I was just gonna mention this interview...

Winston Wolf site profile image  

2/13/10 3:58 AM by Winston Wolf

Silva lost to Pele in Mu Thai but also beat him they are 1-1 .SilvA also is muh better now

EckY site profile image  

2/13/10 3:27 AM by EckY

I also heard that Wanderlei badly KOd Anderson and Anderson had to be sent to hospital. Chuteboxe used to go all out in training, there are a ton of stories of guys gettign KOd in sparring there. I remember a video came out not long ago of the gym initiation of some guy and he took a fucking beating, he had to go 1 minute wuith every guy in the gym and none of them held back, crazy stuff.

Balance site profile image  

2/13/10 1:12 AM by Balance

Cindy is right. The idea that Wand is scared of losing or getting hurt is ridiculous.