Bisping UFC 110 Vlog: Episode 3




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ramit upper site profile image  

2/17/10 11:57 AM by ramit upper

 lol....        fail thats not even the English flag

goggs2009 site profile image  

2/17/10 11:55 AM by goggs2009

Fuck England? Thats a British flag mate. I know your American and don't know many flags but thats the British flag your mother and farthers flag so show a little respect. Thanks

goggs2009 site profile image  

2/17/10 11:53 AM by goggs2009

Have you seen Ryan Baders blogs? or Joe Daddy's (apart from the boat one. CB dolloways? Lauzon brothers? utter boring crap is what they usually are. If that was chuck Lidell doing that at a radio station you would be talking about how funny it is.

Heartbroken Lee site profile image  

2/17/10 11:41 AM by Heartbroken Lee

Okay, let's say for the sake of argument it's been two times: why would somebody who does not find Bisping to be in the least bit interesting watch two whole videos of his, and then go to the trouble of posting on a message board that he doesn't find them interesting?... Surely after the first time you would just ignore them?

humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

2/17/10 11:36 AM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

i've said it once, in one other thread, but it's not like anyone is accusing you of being smart.

Heartbroken Lee site profile image  

2/17/10 11:17 AM by Heartbroken Lee

I LOL'd when he said, "now you can struggle a bit..." I was like, WTF?!

Dana Stern site profile image  

2/17/10 11:14 AM by Dana Stern

I like Bisping, really always have. Wand is one of my favorite fighters of all time, but I don't get all the hate for The Count. He talks a little shit but everyone does really and he's pretty funny. Cool blogs, what's with that perverted DJ, what a king getting on the CO-host. Nice!

goku site profile image  

2/17/10 11:08 AM by goku


MNFAN site profile image  

2/17/10 10:57 AM by MNFAN

I don't care about Bisping one way or the other, but I find it interesting that Rampage must be what, 250 right now? When is that fight again? He's never missed weight before, but looks like that cut is going to be BRUTAL.