Rampage in Count's corner, Axe Murderer motivated

by Kevin Iole | source: sports.yahoo.com

Silva said one of Bisping’s motivational ploys might backfire and ultimately work to his advantage. Bisping is close friends with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, the former UFC light heavyweight champion and probably Silva’s most bitter rival.

Jackson has been licensed as a corner man by the New South Wales commission and will be Bisping’s chief second on fight night. He’ll also accompany Bisping to the scales at the weigh-in.

Bisping expects it may throw Silva off, seeing Jackson, and Silva conceded it will have an impact upon him.

“Seeing [Jackson] there will make me more hungry to beat (Bisping),” Silva said. “Maybe I’ll beat the one and then after, the other. Two for the price of one.”

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BrainSpew site profile image  

2/19/10 12:14 AM by BrainSpew

I would be soooo miserable if Wand lost this match even though I know its a serious possibility. So, to make myself happy either way, I put 100$ on bisping since he was a +120 when I bought it. I have never wanted to lose a bet so badly.

gridlor site profile image  

2/18/10 6:22 PM by gridlor

New South Wales is a province in Australia...... where Sydney is.....where the UFC is going to be.

TheJudge site profile image  

2/18/10 6:20 PM by TheJudge

I love that people think this is the roided up Silva from Pride years ago. Dude is old and will get beaten by Bisping. I don't like this outcome but it's true.

lildragonof site profile image  

2/18/10 2:54 PM by lildragonof

WAND is gona kill ping kill kill kill kill.......

pato1 site profile image  

2/18/10 6:56 AM by pato1

^^^so says an apparent "cocksucking shitmuncher".

pato1 site profile image  

2/18/10 6:53 AM by pato1

How funy. What a moran.

sledhead site profile image  

2/17/10 9:52 PM by sledhead

LOL tuf

sledhead site profile image  

2/17/10 9:51 PM by sledhead

If he brings back the englishmans head, he's taking it to Brasil, not cal-garry, just sayin' man.

sledhead site profile image  

2/17/10 9:43 PM by sledhead

Oglaigh Na Eireann - Fuckin LOL'd my ass off!!!

superCalo site profile image  

2/17/10 9:38 PM by superCalo

Wandy had that power at 205 3 years ago, he didnt have it at 195 what makes you think he will have that power at 185?