Cesar Gracie on Nick Diaz: He's a clean fighter

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“People who don’t like Nick Diaz, that doesn’t make sense to me because here’s a guy who has never put a syringe in his (expletive) in his life. He’s a clean fighter. That’s the way it is,” said Gracie.

“He wants to smoke a little weed every once in a while. Who am I to say what a grown man can do? That’s my take on it.”

“I’m not advocating anyone (use marijuana). That’s a personal choice, like I wouldn’t advocate if you wanted to drink a beer or not,” he said. “I think it’s the exact same thing.”

“He’s got a legal license in California for it, a doctor’s prescription for his ADHD, so it’s not illegal for where he’s at here,”

“Obviously it’s not a performance enhancing drug, so therefore trying to take the guy’s win away – all of these guys testing positive for steroids, and we’ll focus on Nick’s weed thing forever. Let’s talk about that forever. Oh, we did steroids, that’s fine. Let’s not talk about that. You did some cocaine or something,” continued the trainer. “People have this fetish for the weed thing or something.”

“It doesn’t give you an advantage. I was there for the Gomi fight and Nick was not stoned for the Gomi fight. That would have made him too slow. You can’t be completely stoned and wanting to hang out on the couch or something,”

“Obviously he wasn’t stoned for Gomi, but Nevada State with that idiot over there. I can’t remember his name. The little moron guy that was only an athletic commissioner guy because his daddy owned the hotel. He was pathetic and he wanted to make an example of Nick because, who knows?"

“There are theories. Nick wasn’t in the UFC. The day Nick’s not in the UFC he’s testing positive. That was kind of a weird thing because he always smoked the night before (UFC fights). Then all of a sudden he’s in Pride and he’s testing positive. Oh we’re going to take your win away,”

“Pride actually paid him a win bonus after he tested positive. They said, ‘nah, this is just a bunch of Nevada (expletive), and he won that fight.’ He got the win bonus and he went on from there.”

“These days he takes ten days off and does herbal cleansers or whatever. He said, ‘hey, I’m not going to test positive again,’ and he hasn’t since. He quits smoking before his fights now. He got tested in Florida and it came up clean.”

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guitar0 site profile image  

2/19/10 12:51 PM by guitar0

id like to see lawler drop to 170 or noons to jump to 170 and see what hes got. in my opinion diaz loses both.

guitar0 site profile image  

2/19/10 12:42 PM by guitar0

i think that hes the only one obsessed with the positive test from what, 4 years ago? we get it, everybody is out to get nick. his behavior has nothing to do with his issues. i mean come on, ive never seen a fighter get treated better. he had 2 organizations bend over backwards to hand him a title, one even designating a new weight class just for him, and he got beat down. nobody gives a shit about him being stoned and fighting gomi. gomi isnt even relevant in mma since then. diaz has looked good against the guys hes faced since he got beat, but seriously he didnt fight anybody that great. caesar and nick make it difficult for anyone with a mentality of an adult to like him every time they open their mouths. maybe shut up and win some big fights?

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

2/19/10 12:41 PM by Hong Kong Phooey

 Nick Diaz : Gracie talks 420 (6) [159] by Hong Kong Phooey

RaGEDMentaL site profile image  

2/19/10 12:32 PM by RaGEDMentaL

 If he doesnt smoke before 10 days before how come he posted a video of him hitting the bong 4 days out at a presser?

White Culture site profile image  

2/19/10 12:32 PM by White Culture

UG News strikes again

Hemlock site profile image  

2/19/10 12:31 PM by Hemlock

 Nick Diaz : Gracie talks 420 (6) [127] by Hong Kong Phooey