Lesnar possible next fight for Velasquez

by Kevin Iole | source: sports.yahoo.com

The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s first show in Australia was a smashing success, and its top prospect gave the UFC president yet another elite heavyweight to throw into the mix.

“I was totally blown away by him,” White said of Velasquez, who knocked Nogueira down with a perfect right-left-right combination and then finished him with five powerful hammer fists on the ground."

“Five years ago, there is no comparison to the way it is now,” White said. “We had nobody like Cain. Nobody. All we had then was Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski and that was it. The division was terrible. It sucked and [Sylvia] and Andrei kept knocking each other out."

“Now, you go down the list and you see guy after guy and you go, ‘He’s the real deal. He’s the real deal. He’s the real deal.’ We’re full of them right now. I can’t wait to see some of these fights. It’s going to be sick.”

The winner of the Mir-Carwin fight at UFC 111 next month is slated to get the next shot at Lesnar. Lesnar is expected to return in either July or August from his bout of diverticulitis, which has sidelined him since last July at UFC 100.

However, if the Mir-Carwin winner isn’t ready, White said the shot instead would go to Velasquez.

“I’d have to fight a smart fight, and my coaches and I would have to come up with a game plan,” Velasquez said. “Really, with that kind of guy, super big, strong, with a lot of power, it’s going to be a war and you have to keep fighting till the end. You have to tire those big guys out, which is easier said than done."

“I’ve been saying it for a long time, but maybe now people will start looking at this kid and realize how good he is,” White said. “I call him ‘The Terminator’ because he never quits. He’s got a lot going for him. He’s going to be tough to beat, man. He really is.”

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Nostradamus up in here!

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Jesus! So many people bought into the Lesnar hype. And the same people were claiming Cain was overhyped. I just don't understand.

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Mir would've been under Brock after that takedown.

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Cains takedown defence and ability to stand up instantaneously is classic BJ Penn. http://i56.tinypic.com/34pb1w1.jpg

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The "TTT" power is really strong these days !LOL

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It's always so pleasing to come back to threads like this... Cain did beat Brock easily...

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