Vinny Magalhaes: Rubber Guard is the only guard needed for MMA

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From: Vinny Magalhaes
Member Since: 3/16/06
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 is the best guard system for mma:
Rubber Guard:
- allows you to strike (elbows and punches)from bottom without being hit back;
- allows you to go for submission without worrying about getting hit;
- Worst case scenario it is a great stalling position, where you can hold someone down without any damage;
- great for sweeps (specially omoplata sweeps);
open guard:
- not so good against ground n pound;
- not so good for stalling;
- rarely you can get a sweep from it;
- no affective striking other than upkicks.
half guard:
- good for sweeps;
- not so good for stalling;
- not many submssions from there.
- not a good spot to try to strike
full guard:
- good for submissions;
- not so good for stalling;
- good for sweeps;
- not the best spot to try to strike back;
butterfly guard:
- nothing but a good position to work on sweeps and to work on your way up;
- not many subs;
- not the best position for stalling;
- no striking whatsoever.
ps: I'm talking about the use of these type of guard exclusively for mma.


From: Vinny Magalhaes  
Member Since: 3/16/06
Posts: 1047

I would never say that the rubber guard is the only guard needed for mma, and no one else would think that, not even Eddie, I believe.


From: Vinny Magalhaes  
Member Since: 3/16/06
Posts: 1045

My game got so much better here in the states compared to what it was when i left Brazil.
I learned a lot of leg locks from Cesar Gracie and his guys (Jake, David, Nick and Nate), from Dan Henderson and Heath Sims at Team Quest a learned how to make a transition from Sport Jiu-Jitsu to MMA-Jiu-Jitsu, plus I learned some wrestling, with Erik Paulson, Josh Barnett and the other guys from CSW, I learned a lot of other new stuff for mma, and some catch wrestling stuff, and finally I started to learn some 10th Planet JJ from Eddie, which made my bottom game improve so much, specially when it comes to MMA.

The only difference from what I've learned here and whatever I've learned in Brazil is that here I get to deal with more open minded people who like to share their ideas, and people that understand that the game is always evolving , and that made me become an open minded guy myself.


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Werewolf1085 site profile image  

2/24/10 1:22 PM by Werewolf1085

I would definately try to play rubberguard if it does not require flexibility like vinny stated

PittWrestler site profile image  

2/24/10 10:19 AM by PittWrestler

 Vinny, not trying to thread hijack, but do you give privates and what cost?  Coming out to Vegas and I'd like to set something up so I can have a unique training experience when out there.  If not, any reccomendations would be great.

IatskevichFightClub site profile image  

2/24/10 10:00 AM by IatskevichFightClub

Yes i fully understand it. I even said it 2-3 post ago. It's what i call a 'race-to-the-sub' and i agree that it's not the best option. Kind a like the 50/50 position, the fastest one (or the one who drilled it the most) will win the race to the heel hook ;-)What do you do when someone put you in that position?

grilla site profile image  

2/24/10 9:09 AM by grilla

I don't think you understand that when you reach up for the toe while in either mission control (or even new york) that you are in danger of a triangle if you're opponent is working a meathook. It's all timing. You might win or he might win.     

IatskevichFightClub site profile image  

2/24/10 8:25 AM by IatskevichFightClub

Since when a toe hold is a dick move?? You dont always have to figure 4 your arm to do a toe hold...So, you're saying toe hold = eye poking and you want to have a serious grappling discussion??You're telling me that your joints, doesnt feel pain in a real combat and still want to have a serious exchange about grappling?Realy???Sorry but i dont.

iclimb513 site profile image  

2/23/10 10:52 PM by iclimb513

"The same thing apply here. My neck is blocking your foot, if i grab it by the toes and pull it, it will broke.I already tried it and it works. I didnt try it against a high level rubber guard player, but the mecanics is there."What you probably did was pull that dick move against someone who was going easy in a training session. So yes, the same way if you poke someone who is in "training" mode in the eye or pull some other move like that it will likely work that one time.If the other guy is as revved up as you are, like in an actual MMA fight or full on grappling comp then he isn't even going to feel it.

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

2/23/10 9:12 PM by DanTheWolfman

You stack up/inward and do shoulder shimmies while keeping arms safe

killedtheants site profile image  

2/23/10 5:24 PM by killedtheants

You seem to be a cool guy. Sorry if I came off like a jerk. To answer your question, If you feel yourself getting locked into a Rubber Guard battle, it is really important that you know the path the guy on bottom is trying to take. By knowing what he needs (for example, your hand on the mat or your elbow in the middle of your chest), you can anticipate his movements and try to stifle them and get one move ahead in the chess match.

Vinny Magalhaes site profile image  

2/23/10 5:17 PM by Vinny Magalhaes

I don't know, never really had anybody putting me in that situation, I mean, Frank Mir used to go for it a lot, but then I would give up the omoplata so i could work in a omoplata escape... But that's not a good way for everyone, some people will give up the omoplata to get out of the rubber guard, and will end up getting tapped...   

IatskevichFightClub site profile image  

2/23/10 4:09 PM by IatskevichFightClub

Then, i have to ask one question to VinnyWhat do you do when someone put rubber guard on you??