Bonnar & Soszynski ready to finish what they started

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Bonnar: “I want to finish the fight man. It was only a few minutes left, right? And it was a head butt, The worst part is – take a close up on this head – this cut is actually shaped like a ‘K’ for Krzysztof, so now I’ve got to walk around with a scar in the shape of a ’K’ on it, so I’m pissed off. Yeah, I’d love a rematch.”

Soszynski: “I agree with Stephan. If the UFC wants it and the fans want it, I think we should finish what we started, but it’s up to the UFC,” stated Soszynski.


Background: Stephan Bonnar and Krzysztof Soszynski were locked in a closely contested fight at UFC 110 when an accidental collision of heads opened up a cut on Bonnar that forced an end to the fight at 1:04 of the final round. Typically when a fight is stopped in the third round due to an unintentional foul the judges decide the outcome according to the scorecards, but Soszynski was awarded the TKO win despite the replay indicating the laceration was caused by a head butt.

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Ecko Unltd site profile image  

2/23/10 1:26 PM by Ecko Unltd

 It was 1-1 going into the 3rd. If it went to the judges I don't know who would've won. Maybe Krystof because he was winning the 3rd when it was stopped?

Count Duckula site profile image  

2/23/10 1:24 PM by Count Duckula

it was a gutty fight, and I would watch a rematch. I would even go as far to say I would look forward to a rematch.

JonnyW site profile image  

2/23/10 1:22 PM by JonnyW

Because that ref may have been the worst in UFC history. Eye poke, no problem just keep fighting. Ref sucked.

decu68 site profile image  

2/23/10 1:10 PM by decu68

Bonnar of late hasn't look too good especially with losing to Mark Coleman. However this was a good fight for him and both looked great and it was unfortunate that the accidental head butt happened. Normally I think Bonnar would be right about out of the UFC however with such a great performance I think with a rematch he'll be around. It was an excellent fight much like the Forest/Bonnar of years ago.

Fredrico site profile image  

2/23/10 12:33 PM by Fredrico

Forest and Stephan will always have a job.

RLL site profile image  

2/23/10 12:29 PM by RLL

 yup, should have gone to score cards. too bad for stephan, he wont bearound much longer with 3 losses ina row. maybe they'll take pity and give him the rematch?

Tomato Can site profile image  

2/23/10 12:28 PM by Tomato Can

That fight should have been a NC or TD. How did the ref not see the cut was due to a headbutt?

DevilsAdvocate site profile image  

2/23/10 12:27 PM by DevilsAdvocate

No desire to see this again. Krysztof will dominate him worse than before.