Ed Soares: People on the UG need to realize it's not cool

by Steven Marrocco | source: mmajunkie.com

While manager Ed Soares is heartbroken that his friend and client Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira got knocked out at this past weekend's UFC 110, he has nothing but respect for Nogueira's opponent, Cain Velasquez.

"Everyone in [Nogueira's] camp really believed that Cain was going to shoot and ground and pound from the guard," Soares said.

"It's a breath of fresh air to see a guy like Cain moving up the ranks," Soares said. "I see a lot of similarities in him and Nogueira as far as their work ethic and how humble they are. He's a great guy, and congratulations to him. He fought a great fight and came in with a great strategy.

Soares also had some harsh words for some of the critical fans who have said the loss shows Nogueira's career may now be over.

"These fans love the sport so much," Soares said. "Well, they should really analyze the things that they say, because at the end of the day, these guys are human, too. I read some of the stuff that people put on the Underground and forums, and people need to realize—whether it's Nogueira, whether it's one of our fighters or not one of our fighters—that these people are human too and they have feelings and it's not cool.

"Nogueira is a legend and Cain is a legend in the making," Soares said. "I'm upset that Nogueira lost, but to see Cain beat him and the respect that Cain gave him, you've gotta take your hat off to both of those guys."

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jmmz site profile image  

2/25/10 8:38 PM by jmmz

Big Nog fan for life. When I saw him go down, it almost felt as if I was getting knocked out. Big Nog is a legend and ambassador of the sport. He will be back.

icantthinkofanything site profile image  

2/25/10 8:32 AM by icantthinkofanything

Soares is soo slimy and manipulative. Soares never gives any respect before a fight, and demands it for his fighters after.Vitor, Chael, Hendo were not good enough to fight AndersonMir didnt beat Nog, cause Nog was sicknow Cain isnt a legend for beating the legend/ with no excuses? Cain will----- become a legend? lolI think Nog has to stop depending on his indestructible nature, and go to another camp. Spider, JR dos and Lyoto are gret training partners, but Nog needs more than worship, he needs full sparring in practice and people who wont cover up his mistakes, he needs a team that will help his standup, and hav a real brawl. Like Cro cop, legends get treated 2 well, and need a new push.

Bankless site profile image  

2/25/10 3:19 AM by Bankless

 First off Ed Soars is becoming a victim of his own celebrity.  Problem is he hasn't changed, just the way we view him.  He is doing what he has always done, working hard for his roster of fighters.  No shame for Big Nog in losing to Cain.  He will need to fight smarter now that he is no longer invincible.

Damon Peterson site profile image  

2/25/10 2:13 AM by Damon Peterson

 ed soares is a douchebag and needs to stfu he is the reason the middleweight division is a cluster right now. playing the musical #1 contender game. nobody is worthy of king silva in his mind. then fight machida,shogun or or rampage/ rashad winner, or stay @ 185 and fight whoever the ufc says.

Derek Acorah site profile image  

2/24/10 6:58 PM by Derek Acorah

Ed Soares: Shut up

OWNEDbythe209 site profile image  

2/24/10 6:55 PM by OWNEDbythe209

UG to Ed Soares - Stop being so disrespectful to top fighters that are offered as opponents for Anderson Silva.... it makes you sound uncool.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

2/24/10 6:52 PM by lookoutawhale

people to Ed Soares on the UG: It's not cool

Lion Of Zion site profile image  

2/24/10 6:30 PM by Lion Of Zion

Soares needs to apologize to Dan and Nate. He really hurt their feelings when he said they weren't worthy. BIG BULLY!!!!!

Haulport site profile image  

2/24/10 4:06 PM by Haulport

THAT Rodrigo is the MAN and Cain looks FANTASTIC and has what could be a legendary career ahead of him from the rapidly advancing and varied skillset his has!  

KenBania site profile image  

2/24/10 3:44 PM by KenBania

Always been a Nog fan. Even bigger fan after being dumped on his head by Sapp and came back and won. That would have killed a mortal man.