Henderson vs Shields in April

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com

Dan Henderson and Jake Shields have agreed to meet in Strikeforce with the middleweight title on the line in April. Shields confirmed the bout when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio on Tuesday night.

"It's a go now. We finally worked it out a few days ago," he said about the fight with Henderson. "It's a done deal, it's been agreed upon by both parties as far as I know, and I think it's set to go."

"I have a date (and) venue, but they told me to hold that back," said Shields. "Hopefully CBS. I think it's CBS. There's a slight possibility of Showtime because they're still (working it out). I don't know the rest of the card or any of that yet. But me and Dan's on, and I'm hoping it's on CBS."

The fight will likely either headline or co-headline the card in April, depending on what happens with Fedor Emelianenko, who is also rumored for the same show.

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Uncle Justice site profile image  

2/24/10 3:03 PM by Uncle Justice


DamonMMAWeekly site profile image  

2/24/10 2:54 PM by DamonMMAWeekly

I don't see why everyone is counting Jake out in this fight...yes, Hendo is the favorite, but to say that he's going to get steam rolled is stupid.Shields has a phenomenal jiu-jitsu game, Hendo has lost by submission a few times. Jake's wrestling is solid, so is Hendo's and on the stand-up side you have to know that Jake isn't going to just stand in front of Dan and wait for a right hand. I completely understand given his reputation at 185lbs, why Dan Henderson is the favorite, but Jake Shields has a great chance in this fight and if he wins think about that as a bargaining chip for future negotiations with Strikeforce or the UFC for that matter.

Uncle Justice site profile image  

2/24/10 2:52 PM by Uncle Justice

 Of course Hendo is the favorite here, as he would be against anyone besides Anderson.... but Shields has more than held his own against top MW's before. He handled Okami in ROTR, and fought to a draw with Misaki, who tossed Hendo around in Pride.  I agree that Hendo's style doesn't favor Jake, but I don't quite think Hendo is the magic KO machine that everyone is making him out to be. Just as Hendo will be ready for Jake's usual approach, I'm sure Jake will be well aware that Hendo has an enormous right hand to watch out for.  Also, in 30 fights, Jake has only lost to strikes ONCE, and it was his 3rd MMA fight.

michaelkaras site profile image  

2/24/10 1:47 PM by michaelkaras

 shields manager is his dad...

Dave Pavelich site profile image  

2/24/10 1:40 PM by Dave Pavelich

I cant see how there is any possible way of Shields beating hendo! Why isn't shields staying at 170!

Gullivers Travels site profile image  

2/24/10 1:24 PM by Gullivers Travels

I definitely think Hendo can and will likely win, but if he gets sloppy standing, Jake will look fora standing sub/pull guard a la the Lawlor fight.

KingBodhi site profile image  

2/24/10 12:53 PM by KingBodhi

Hendo, it won't go the distance. 1st rd either by KO or TKO. I like Shields but he's got trouble coming his way.

MMAINCA site profile image  

2/24/10 12:50 PM by MMAINCA