Rampage: I'm done with the UFC ... Dana lied to me

by Michael David Smith | source: mmafighting.com

"I don't know how much I ever loved the fight game, to be honest," Most fighters these days join fighting because they became a fan of it. When I started I wasn't a fan of it -- I've been a fighter my whole life. I just thought it was a blessing that God could give me something I could make money doing. When I was a kid I got tired of fighting. I didn't want to be a fighter anymore. But I was just good at it. It was just something that was in my blood. Some people are fighters."

"I like it a lot less than I used to. It's no secret, everybody knows about the falling out I had with the UFC, and it's just unfortunate that they're trying to blame me for doing this movie."

"They've said some things and done some things I don't agree with -- that's not the way I do business. I'm a loyal person so I take care of people who take care of me, but people who don't take care of me, I don't take care of them. So I'm done with the UFC. They can't ask me for anymore favors. Nothing. I just want to finish my contract and get out of there, do my own thing. Dana lied to me. He told me I didn't have to fight Rashad, I could fight Machida. I did the show and then after that he told me I had to fight Rashad."

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SQad127 site profile image  

2/26/10 2:04 PM by SQad127

 Rampage is much more fun on my old Pride DVDs ... can we get the Rampage from Pride 2003 GP days back? or are those days long gone?

Big Pun site profile image  

2/26/10 2:04 PM by Big Pun

Honestly I never thought I would see the day when Rampage compeltely tucks and runs from a fight. It's pretty embarassing.

EvilMaster site profile image  

2/26/10 2:00 PM by EvilMaster

RIP Rampage's career.

lionsoul site profile image  

2/26/10 1:45 PM by lionsoul


lionsoul site profile image  

2/25/10 11:21 PM by lionsoul

This would be logical Cindy... people here are not interested in logic.

caliguy0906 site profile image  

2/25/10 11:19 PM by caliguy0906

Cocain's a hell of a drug Rampage...

Boldar site profile image  

2/25/10 10:24 AM by Boldar

That article is over 2 weeks old, and the Rampage comments make no sense and are contrary to what we've actually seen on the show and in other interviews/etc.  The guy has issues. TTT fo Rampage vs. Rashad.

Big Pun site profile image  

2/25/10 10:17 AM by Big Pun

he has a history of mental illness, but noone has confirmed exactly what

1775Rock site profile image  

2/25/10 10:17 AM by 1775Rock

Rampage on COKE again???

cyiton site profile image  

2/25/10 9:52 AM by cyiton

It's really simple; Rampage got beat on the show, his pride got hurt, and in the back of his head he started worrying that Rashad could beat him in the cage too.... ever since he's been looking for a way out. I was a huge fan of Rampage prior to the events of the last 8 months or so; but this guys has become little more than a douche canoe.