Anderson Silva: This isn’t BJJ, it’s MMA


This isn’t jiu-jitsu, it’s MMA, a sport that involves many techniques and elements. It’s hard to say that I would beat him standing up and he would defeat me on the canvas. Logically, each one of us owns a specialty but a fight is always a fight.

MMA is a new sport and there’s no precise gameplan so we keep training and studying. I’m going to study for the rest of my life. It has been going correctly but it can happen that I won’t give my best showing and it’s over.

We’re training and if it’s God’s will to have me stay as champion, I’ll stay. I don’t feel pressure to fight with Demian or any other fighter in this division. I’m worried about how I’m training each day.

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xx72novaxx site profile image  

2/26/10 4:37 PM by xx72novaxx

I love BJJ, its my favorite aspect of MMA, thus I love Demian, but I love Well rounded fighters more. Anderson has been my hero since he moon-walked in Pride. I hate Forrest the fighter (love his personality) but he is far more well rounded in MMA (Cuz I'm sure he trains UFC) and he got schooled this will be no different. We've seen what happens when Anderson fights people who wont engage (I actually love that fight... who punches another man in the thigh that's hilarious), he's not stupid he won't let it go where he doesn't want it to go. 2nd round KO via... flying knee (just because. I would say 1st but i feel they're gonna dance for a round.

Brian Rule site profile image  

2/25/10 5:33 PM by Brian Rule

seriously what are you bitching about? fighters who get their ass beat in title matches don't deserve immediate rematches. anderson signed to fight vitor -- a fight everyone wanted to see -- but vitor got injured but o yeah i guess it's anderson's fault too

HOLLYWOOD-MO site profile image  

2/25/10 4:45 PM by HOLLYWOOD-MO

wtf. I clicked on the link but its all Portuguese

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

2/25/10 3:55 PM by Nexuscrawlers

pretty sure that the UFC brass picks his fights not him, obviously he has some say, but i doubt silva himself is turning down anyone Dana tells him to fight

ShanTheMan site profile image  

2/25/10 3:52 PM by ShanTheMan

If only Anderson wouldnt turn down every other possible contender.....just sayin sometimes people win their rematches

CRE site profile image  

2/25/10 3:46 PM by CRE

Anderson will show the BJJ buttscoots that they need to get in a Capoeira gym and work it out