Chuck Liddell in Reebok ZigTechs

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ON THE ONE HAND, Fanhouse Newswire reports:

 ... a representative from Zinkin Entertainment, the management company which represents Liddell, sent MMA Fighting the following statement:

"Obviously, Chuck is a little upset that his privacy was invaded during a time he clearly expected was private with his girlfriend. It is unfortunate when individuals have such little regard for one's privacy and distribute moments not intended for the public to see."

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Chuck Liddell and his extremely hot girlfriend will not be going after the person who taped them working out in a gym -- in nothing but shoes -- because the naked twosome was in on the action.

TMZ has learned the UFC badass and Heidi Northcott agreed to do the revealing workout for a viral campaign for Reebok -- a company that Chuck already has a sponsorship deal with.

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ON THE THIRD HAND, TMZ also reported that Kimo was dead. And humans don't have a third hand anyway. But as long as we going with this ...


ON THE FOURTH HAND, Buck Naked Chuck's friend Heidi 'Spectacular Rack' Northcott lists on her facebook page a contact web page of


THE BOTTOM LINE:  Jose Canseco is in the hole to the IRS for  $320,000 in back-taxes and will not be fighting Herschel Walker. A video of his ex and Chuck Liddell dangling in the same room is probably not what he most needs right now.


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goku site profile image  

2/26/10 9:19 PM by goku

 obvious stunt...reebok went so low to have some guidos shoot vids for them...this is right within that wheelhouse

Bam57Bam site profile image  

2/26/10 9:16 PM by Bam57Bam

 genuine lol

Ronin 7 site profile image  

2/26/10 9:08 PM by Ronin 7

Holy Santa Claus Shit....shit just got real.

TheTFC site profile image  

2/26/10 11:34 AM by TheTFC

Obviously planned - the edited parts of their bodies are too professionally well done.

Kirik site profile image  

2/26/10 11:21 AM by Kirik

 The big news is actually that Chuck has a contract with Reebok. The rest of it is ... viral :-)

Mike Russell site profile image  

2/26/10 11:16 AM by Mike Russell

 I though it might have been an out take from the Fighters Only MMA Awards.

ECWCock site profile image  

2/26/10 11:14 AM by ECWCock

 Awaiting the porn vid, and then the group orgy with War Machine.........

LTL site profile image  

2/26/10 11:12 AM by LTL

Another thread on this. Good idea!