Randy Couture recruiting for MMA @ NFL Combine?

by Tristan Yunker | source: The Underground

From: TMFY
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Heard from some friends that Randy is in Indy trying to recruit some of the athletes at the NFL players combine to transition over into MMA. He confirmed he was in Indy via his twitter:
"Just landed in indy for the nfl combines to meet coaches and promote our mma athletics program .in colombus next thur thru sun for Arnold" - @Randy_Couture

I just thought it was interesting, and figured I would share it with everyone.


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CJJScout site profile image  

3/3/10 7:57 AM by CJJScout

Glazer wrote about that in the last Fight magazine, I'm sure that is why he is there.

Sean McCorkle site profile image  

3/2/10 2:07 AM by Sean McCorkle

I absolutely did. FUCK!!!

goku site profile image  

3/1/10 10:24 AM by goku

handy knows...blathleticism + 6 mo sprawl training = no can defend 

brune90 site profile image  

3/1/10 10:21 AM by brune90

Wish he would recruit Richard Dickson from LSU. 4 year Starter, caught two tds in the 07 national championship, holds every tightend record @ LSU and still had twelve other LSU players invited to the combine instead of him. Hopefully he has a good pro day or else he may have to try a new line of work.

lifeaftrprison site profile image  

3/1/10 9:06 AM by lifeaftrprison

Maybe you missed your calling? At least there aint no 265lb weight limit! Its sad that the UFC and SF wont have a super heavy division!

ashleigh11 site profile image  

3/1/10 3:57 AM by ashleigh11

he's probably hawking the Tower 200

BaddKarma site profile image  

3/1/10 3:54 AM by BaddKarma

Ah, when you fail at other sports, there is always MMA!  

PrettyBoy site profile image  

3/1/10 3:26 AM by PrettyBoy

 Thats awesome.

Sean McCorkle site profile image  

3/1/10 1:46 AM by Sean McCorkle

I've gotten cards from 3 different NFL agents this week. Apparently they think I'm here participating in the combine. I just go with it.

TMFY site profile image  

2/27/10 3:51 PM by TMFY

You might see me in Columbus if you're going to be there for the Arnolds/WEC, but I'm not even sure if I'm making that trip yet. If not, I'll probably be making a trip out to Vegas & SoCal in May/June to train with as many different camps as I can and try to get my name out there.