Round 5 reveals final Series 2 images


Individual, high-resolution images of the Round 5 Ultimate Collector Series 2 are now available, revealing the look and detail and unique packaging of figurines of six UFC standouts.

Round 5 Group

Round 5 <a href=BJ Penn" src="" />

Round 5 <a href=Randy Couture" src="" />

Round 5 <a href=Kimbo Slice" src="" />

Round 5 <a href=Michael Bisping" src="" />

Round 5 <a href=Forrest Griffin" src="" />

Round 5 <a href=Tito Ortiz" src="" />

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explodesinboys site profile image  

3/1/10 5:02 PM by explodesinboys

 LOL at the BJ Penn doll. The Bisping one is awesome though, and confirmation of his superstar status to be alongside these huge names.

crowbar site profile image  

3/1/10 4:58 PM by crowbar

Toys R Us,Target & K-Mart. ^^^^^

Mimi43 site profile image  

3/1/10 4:51 PM by Mimi43

Can you get these at Toy R Us??

smoogy site profile image  

3/1/10 4:32 PM by smoogy

Tito looks like Harold Howard with a shaved head

FingerorMoon site profile image  

3/1/10 4:20 PM by FingerorMoon

The figures are good quality and the bodies look great instead of making everyone roid monsters (which figure makers just love to do) ..... but the heads just look nothing like the actual people.How did Tito's one get approved? Doesn't look anything like him.

MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING site profile image  


*in Dana voice and laugh*"They all got fucked hahahahahaha"

Eyelasher site profile image  

3/1/10 4:10 PM by Eyelasher

Kimbo figure is by far the most accurate depiction...

Crooklyn site profile image  

3/1/10 3:33 PM by Crooklyn

They wore veils?

greco yeoman site profile image  

3/1/10 3:12 PM by greco yeoman

Why did they call the Chris Leben figure Tito Ortiz?