Cain Velasquez: I'm Ready for Brock Lesnar

by Michael David Smith | source:

Michael David Smith: I think the overwhelming reaction to your win over Nogueira has been that it was sort of a coming of age, like now everyone can say, "Cain Velasquez has officially arrived." Is that how you view it?

Cain Velasquez: No. I think I had already arrived a while ago. But I do think this proves I'm among the great fighters in this sport.

Do you see yourself as ready for a title shot against Brock Lesnar right now?

Yes. I'm ready. I think I've been ready for a while. The way this sport works is you've just got to prove yourself when you get the chance. I want to fight the best so I can be the best.

Can you share anything about what your strategy would be against Brock?

I think I'd have to wear him out for the first two or three rounds, because he's so big and strong. I'd need to be wary of him at the beginning.

But you think you could outlast him later in the fight?

I think that'd be my best option, trying to do that. He's a great athlete, and he has wrestled in the NCAAs, and you have to be a top athlete to do that, but I think that would be my best bet.

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liquidrob site profile image  

3/3/10 1:31 AM by liquidrob

I got Cain over both Brock and Carwin, Brock vs Carwin is a 50/50 fight IMO, probably lean towards Brock because Carwin is just to slowCain will out work both of them and be the new champ soonOrcus has a lot of good points, I hate when people say a guy has 'no power' based on certain fights, many times guys hit fighters all fight and dont KO them, it happens

orcus site profile image  

3/3/10 12:56 AM by orcus

 "for all the "power" ppl seemed to be saying brock has with HITTING power....he hasnt ko'ed ANYONE." Mir was completely out, and Randy was out too for all practical purposes. "Cain in no way shape or form hit Noguiera harder than Fedor did in their 1st match or as prime Cro Cop did w/ his kicks in their fight." Yeah, of course it's absolutely impossible for anyone to hit Nog harder than Fedor did, that would be absurd because Fedor is the hardest hitting guy ever, and every punch is dead on. As for Crocop, he landed one kick that was mostly blocked.

SuMBJJ site profile image  

3/3/10 12:09 AM by SuMBJJ

So wrong. The word you're looking for is "develop". But if you say "You don't 'develop' power." you sound like a fool. As striking motions get more ingrained in your muscle memory, your body rotation and overall velocity of punches improves along with your accuracy. As far as what caused the KO... He hit Nog HARD, and followed up with another shot while he was dropping, then finished him. No one has ever put Nog out completely.

bshaw1979 site profile image  

3/2/10 11:59 PM by bshaw1979

Yeah he only shatterd Herring's face.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

3/2/10 11:12 PM by SKARHEAD

han Please. Knocking out Noguiera today clearly doesn't mean what it used to. Cain in no way shape or form hitNoguiera harder than Fedor did in their 1st match or as prime Cro Cop did w/ his kicks in their fight...The fact that Cain can even hurt Nog at all all these years later is probably mostly because of the work Fedor and Cro Cop put in years earlier.

mr nemo site profile image  

3/2/10 9:30 PM by mr nemo

lol I meant Shane not Cain, you can tell I'd just woken up from a nap with peach fuzz on the brain,I thought about that later- '..Cain..Shane..whoops.' lol

supersaiyan site profile image  

3/2/10 5:43 PM by supersaiyan

for all the "power" ppl seemed to be saying brock has with HITTING power....he hasnt ko'ed ANYONE.CArwin hits HARD too...and it CLEARLY shows.

orcus site profile image  

3/2/10 4:53 PM by orcus

 "Too bad Brock can't take a punch. He had at least 20 lbs on Randy when they fought and he still got rocked several times." lol  1) He had more like 60lb on Randy 2) He never got rocked

orcus site profile image  

3/2/10 4:52 PM by orcus

 "he needs to realize he's a better wrestler than Brock." Brock was NCAA champ, Cain came in fifth in the same weight class.

Peoria Athletic Club site profile image  

3/2/10 4:32 PM by Peoria Athletic Club

Cain has about a 1% chance of beating Brock.Cain is good but Brock is too much for him. Period.