Chuck buttoned up on nude video

by Kevin Iole | source:

There’s still no official word whether the, ahem, workout Chuck Liddell was doing in the nude with girlfriend Heidi Northcott at St. Louis Cardinals’ Brad Penny’s home is part of some sort of marketing campaign. Liddell, who claims the video is legitimate, hardly seemed upset by its release, even though if it’s legitimate, he would have been the victim of a crime.

“I was staying at a buddy’s house and we thought it would be funny to go work out, I don’t know why the [expletive] they would do that.”

“There was no one else at the house, There was no one staying there. My buddy’s out of town. It was at Brad’s house, Brad Penny. We were just staying at his house. He has a private gym. You walk past his pool and there’s a private gym. We go into the sauna all the time and there’s a hot tub right there."

“It’s not a big deal. We’ve never had a problem. I’m more worried about Heidi. Well, she’s cool about it and isn’t getting too upset. She’s not real happy about it. I’m not happy about it. Well, I’m not real shy. My kids can see it and that’s the part, explaining it, that’s hard.”

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3/2/10 10:00 PM by Ronin 7


Dana Stern site profile image  

3/2/10 9:55 PM by Dana Stern

So is this Brad Penny's house in the STL, or one of his other homes that he has? What's Chuck doing in my hometown anyway? I need to start asking around to see what perv did this. Prob one of my buddies. No, this thing isn't real no way.

Immaculata site profile image  

3/2/10 8:55 PM by Immaculata

Chuck was in that vid?????

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3/2/10 8:51 PM by Jack Skellington


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3/2/10 8:44 PM by Cha0s008

Aren't they both wearing the Reebok shoes for a reason?

macbjj site profile image  

3/2/10 8:42 PM by macbjj

You should learn how to portray sarcasm because there was none whatsoever.

blue63 site profile image  

3/2/10 8:37 PM by blue63

 Aren't you the idiot who has some serious issues with comprehending blatant sarcasm?

macbjj site profile image  

3/2/10 8:36 PM by macbjj

weren't you the prick who said i was an idiot for thinking it was real??

blue63 site profile image  

3/2/10 8:33 PM by blue63

So it could be posted online and not be taken down by youtube and such immediately?  

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3/2/10 8:31 PM by miano60

 Probably Fucked in his bed too