Liddell & Jameson in bitter twitter quarrel


Chuck Liddell's trainer trainer John Hackleman recently posted on his facebook the above image, which sparked the exchanges below.

@jennajameson: I think its funny that @DanaWhite defends Chuck Liddell like he's his boyfriend... It's kinda embarrassing

@jennajameson: Dana favors Chuck, always has… maybe he has a weiner to match his belly, and Dana may like it.hehehe

@chuckLiddelL: @jennajameson she can talk all the shit she want tito is still a pussy and I ko'd him twice

@jennajameson: actually... I've never seen @titoortiz get knock the fuck out... Chuck has twice in the past year...

@chuckLiddelL: oh I'm sorry the 1st 1 I dropped him and they stopped it the 2nd I hurt him and he quit

@jennajameson: I’m saying he wasnt flopping around like a goldfish like Chuck after rashad…. hhehehee

@chuckLiddelL: Keep the gloves up I have nothing against jenna but tito is fair game no gloves needed there!

@jennajameson: Listen all you Chuck fans.. I saw @danawhites post defending Chucks's embarrassing, my opinion, take it for what its worth

@jennajameson: Yes, Dana favors Chuck, always has... maybe he has a weiner to match his belly, and Dana may like it.hehehe

Chuck Liddell's Twitter...

Jenna Jameson's Twitter...


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Recent Comments »

Seamus619 site profile image  

3/8/10 5:36 PM by Seamus619

 Wasn't there a post on some earlier thread on Jameson stating she was pretty much given the multi million dollar company that she claims to have created herself, by some rich dude who did all the work?

MDubz site profile image  

3/8/10 5:06 PM by MDubz

Who cares who's dating what porn star. It's a job that makes them more money then us with the 9-5s. all the power to them. And funny you guys would bash these women when you've all found their services to be quite useful on several occasions, haven't you? I wouldn't care, i'd wife Ashlynn Brooke a take her to Grandma's at Christmas time. God bless teh pr0ns!!

Ryase site profile image  

3/8/10 3:09 PM by Ryase

Not the first time Jameson`s twitter has heated up. Id be more shocked if it cooled down for a change.

dantheman2 site profile image  

3/8/10 3:05 PM by dantheman2

Wow, haven't been here in years, but this thread is cracking me up. Fighter basing aside, this is some funny this.acid jazz - This.

Xad site profile image  

3/5/10 12:43 AM by Xad

Looks like Jenna's helping promote the PPV.Higher buyrate = more $$$ for Tito.It's not like she has much of a reputation to protect, so why the hell not.

D_S_A site profile image  

3/5/10 12:28 AM by D_S_A

No he's on camera looking ugly as shit wipin his bare ass over some gym equipment

PembrokePinesVillain site profile image  

3/5/10 12:19 AM by PembrokePinesVillain

 ok big deal chuck dates whores too, but is he on camera going down on the same sex and is he on camera having sex hundreds of times? no, so he will always have more dignity and respect then a woman that sells her vagina for money hookers=gross

jbapk site profile image  

3/4/10 9:54 PM by jbapk

LOL @ this"Chuck Liddell Dating Adult Star Jayden James"

JDjitsu site profile image  

3/4/10 9:36 PM by JDjitsu

wow, so Tito is that much of a pussy to drop to the ground like a sack of potatoes by getting punched in the forearms? I'm pretty sure a punch or two got through to drop him...If not, wow.

Scream13 site profile image  

3/4/10 6:02 PM by Scream13

this is the most attention she has gotten with her shirt on in years.