Josh Barnett vs. Seth Petruzelli at Dream?


From @silverbackseth: Ok so Josh Barnett needs a fight for dream in japan,ill do it! Who can make that happen?!    about 20 hours ago   via txt 

From @JoshLBarnett: So I hear Neil Grove is a possible opponent and Seth Petruzelli wants to rumble too...bring 'em on! Seth has to bring Tom Lawler tho.    about 15 hours ago   via web 

From @JoshLBarnett: @silverbackseth You have a manager? I thought all you had was highlights and veneers...    about 8 hours ago   via web  in reply to silverbackseth

From @silverbackseth: @joshlbarnett i had my MNGR call the number you gave @lawlormma. i hope we can do this! please put in a word for me! i look forward to this!    about 8 hours ago   via web 

From @JoshLBarnett: @silverbackseth would bring @lawlormma with you right?    about 8 hours ago   via web  in reply to silverbackseth

From @silverbackseth: @joshlbarnett yes @lawlormma will be with me, but hands off he is my twink! and my highlights take the emphasis off my bitch tits :(    about 8 hours ago   via web 

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Seth Petruzelli's Twitter...

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threestars35 site profile image  

3/8/10 4:58 PM by threestars35

I though Barnett would take on Petruzelli and Lawlor combined

caliguy0906 site profile image  

3/3/10 11:30 PM by caliguy0906

who cares who Barnett fights first on this little comeback of his? You guys complain about this possible matchup but I know damn well most will watch it anyway for the entertainment value.

demonbasketball04 site profile image  

3/3/10 5:34 PM by demonbasketball04

If Seth gets this fight and somehow beats Josh, he deserves a 1st Class ticket beck to the UFC!!!!

awilson82 site profile image  

3/3/10 5:32 PM by awilson82

 Id love it if Seth caught Barnett. Thatd be one of the best moments in MMA history.

OWNEDbythe209 site profile image  

3/3/10 5:21 PM by OWNEDbythe209

 moose on the jooze

Ramsey site profile image  

3/3/10 5:17 PM by Ramsey

Barnett is no longer relevant in today's MMA.

IrishRomo site profile image  

3/3/10 4:07 PM by IrishRomo

lol thats awesome.

Tom Lawlor site profile image  

3/3/10 3:51 PM by Tom Lawlor

I've had the pleasure of training with Josh Barnett once or twice and almost getting my arm ripped off in the process while I was at Erik Paulson's during my training camp for CB Dollaway. He was cool, but the thing I remember most is that he was helping Shannon Hooper get ready for a fight in Japan, holding pads for her. She kicked him so hard in the balls that it floored him.....So Shannon Hooper's foot > Yoshida

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

3/3/10 2:09 PM by Nexuscrawlers

^this. Stop complaining and watch the fight. you guys act like he's the only juicer ever. Plus, props for Seth for being cool enough to recognize that fighting a top ranked guy (juiced or not) is a good idea for his career and being ready to fight without complaint or even anyone asking him to fight.

Archer0545 site profile image  

3/3/10 1:58 PM by Archer0545

 Barnett wants to make Lawlors anus "Just Bleed"