Couture wants first crack at Toney


Besides discussing his interest in fighting both Franklin and Machida, “The Natural” also noted that he would love an opportunity to welcome boxer turned mixed martial artist James Toney to the UFC.

“Several boxers have stepped up and said that we are no good at striking and they would knock us out, and James Toney is no different.  He’s the first one that is willing to step up and put his money where is mouth is though, and I’d love to welcome him into MMA.”

“There is no reason boxers can’t be successful in MMA, However, they need to learn, just as I did as a wrestler, that there are a lot of different techniques to learn.  Or else they will be a fish out of water if they ignore those skills.”

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RyannVonDoom site profile image  

3/4/10 2:14 PM by RyannVonDoom


PTM2020 site profile image  

3/4/10 2:14 PM by PTM2020

 oh man.... Randy is incredibly overqualified to destroy James Toney. Therefore he should be at the top of the list.

DAnthony027 site profile image  

3/4/10 2:13 PM by DAnthony027

 Randy hand picks his fights just like Fedor.

canuck34 site profile image  

3/4/10 11:31 AM by canuck34

Couture is all about the benjamins.This would be a relatively easy win for him that would do huge PPV numbers and he would make a lot of dough.

blue63 site profile image  

3/4/10 11:24 AM by blue63

Randy's a smart guy, I don't see how he doesn't see fighting Toney as no-win situation as well.  If he wins, he out grappled a 41 yr old pro boxer with zero experience, if he loses he just got beat in an MMA fight by a 41 yr old pro boxer with zero experience.  

Soup and Beer site profile image  

3/4/10 11:22 AM by Soup and Beer

Well I didn't read anything about Randy refusing a match with Cro Cop.  But CC is just a shadow of his former self.  If Randy didn't want to fight him I doubt it was because he was scared of him.   Maybe because it would have been a "no-win" fight for him.  A win against CC would mean nothing since Cro Cop had lost almost all his fights in the UFC.  

blue63 site profile image  

3/4/10 11:04 AM by blue63

That'll be simple to do, just book the fight overseas where Zuffa runs shit and answers to nobody.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

3/4/10 11:02 AM by RyannVonDoom

 LOL I'm talking about the Last event.

blue63 site profile image  

3/4/10 11:02 AM by blue63

When Sylvia vs Mercer happened, MMA still wasn't regulated in Alabama.. they had no commission.  No clue about NC's current state of affairs honestly though.