White: I won't make Toney a freakshow

by Kevin Iole | source: yahoo.com

The Ultimate Fighting Championship didn’t become a billion-dollar enterprise by having its executives take crazy risks. The company was built methodically, with the larger goal always in mind.

But on Wednesday, the bus swerved sharply in a different direction when UFC president Dana White confirmed that the company had signed boxer James Toney to a multi-fight contract.

White conceded he’s certain of very little about his plans for Toney other than that the future boxing Hall of Famer will compete in the UFC as a light heavyweight. Toney, being the contrarian he is, said he wants to fight as a heavyweight.

White insists he didn’t sign Toney to be a freak show and said he’ll avoid gimmick fights like Toney against Walker, the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner, or Toney against former baseball MVP Jose Canseco.

White is not sure against who or when, but he said Toney will be just another UFC fighter when he debuts. Toney said he isn’t sure when he’ll debut, but said he thought June or July would be a fair guess. And he said he expects to be the main event.

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CLINTK9 site profile image  

3/5/10 12:34 AM by CLINTK9

Never said streetfighting & wrestlting are eqaully athletic, but why cant a guy from streetfighting or boxing give it a go. UFC is Ultimate FIGHTING. Streetfgihting is Fighting, Boxing is Fighting, Wrestling is NOT! Do they better prepare you for MMA, probably not, but they are not allowed to Try? Kimbo & Toney deserve to try, just like any Wreslter, BJJ, Judoka, Kickboxer or any other fighting style. Toney's a Pro FIGHTER, not a Freakin Football/Baseball Player! Whats thew Problem with it? Its something diffent, we have enough BJJ guys & Wrestlers, & people get on here a whine about 1 Boxer getting to fight, Unbelievable! Kimbo's something different, like Tank was, its exciting. Do we fill up the cards wityh boat yard fighters, NO! But 1 or 2 of these types of guys doing it is AWESOME!

branchdavidian site profile image  

3/4/10 9:48 PM by branchdavidian

rothwell? duffee? dos santos?o my

jbapk site profile image  

3/4/10 6:55 PM by jbapk

www.cbssports.com/mma/story/11712445"You won't see a Silva versus Jones fight while Silva is under contract with me," White said Tuesday. "I don't want to say anything bad about Roy Jones, I like Roy Jones and was a fan of his, but he mattered like fifteen years ago. He's not anywhere near the best boxer in the world. He must've spent all his money.""I could do it, make it huge, make money, but I could have done a fight like this when we were bleeding money [in the early 2000s]," White said. "The fight would make some money, but it hurts MMA in the long term. We don't do that because we love the sport. That's a Pride or K-1 matchup. It's not what we do."

KidBaize site profile image  

3/4/10 6:25 PM by KidBaize

Toney's got a multi-fight deal. He's probably getting paid pretty well for it too.Dana's not going to torch him with a grappler. The strategy is not to lose as much money as possible. LOL

lookoutawhale site profile image  

3/4/10 2:55 PM by lookoutawhale

You mean a guy that fought in Elite XC beause he beat up neighbourhood cans on youtube is not a freakshow? heh. The guy with absolutely no ground game, who Bas Rutten didnt want to coach anymore because he refused to train on the ground. That looked horrible against a can in James Thompson, got knocked out by Seth from a jab in 15 seconds, that kept getting caught in a crucifix position by Roy Nelson. you mean that guy? no one believes what Dana says regarding the UFC. Even him saying right now they dont want to Toney to be a freakshow is a lie. they will put him again Kimbo to get even more ratings. why do you think they even let Kimbo continue fighting? Why do you think they made a whole TUF show around him? because hes a great fighter? its because he is ratings.

goeb site profile image  

3/4/10 2:54 PM by goeb

^ Dude Kimbo is a freakshow, if it wasn't for you tube fights,, you know he wouldn't have been on any UFC card, lets get real. Just like if Herschel walker wasn't a star football player, he wouldn't have been on strikeforce.Kimbo is in the UFC strictly to attract mainstream audience cause he is a freakshow and people are interested in how the freakshow does in the UFC.Toney is not a freakshow as he has a legit boxing background, and to be honest we don't see too many good boxer sin MMA, so i'd like to see him fight another standup fighter to begin with before throwing him against a wrestler.

canuck34 site profile image  

3/4/10 2:35 PM by canuck34

Dana is a business man who was saying that about Kimbo because Kimbo was with the competiton.Do you still believe in Santa too?

cdmontgo site profile image  

3/4/10 2:24 PM by cdmontgo

Tito's giant head will help him avoid the KO giving him time to get the takedown for a GnP victory.

EasyTapper site profile image  

3/4/10 1:59 PM by EasyTapper

I like the idea of matching him up with Tito. That could be interesting.