Juanito Ibarra wants Kimbo Slice for Toney

by Erik Fontanez | source: bleacherreport.com

Bleacher Report spoke to Ibarra and he weighed in on his and Toney’s business partnership and what they intend to do.

“We get along real well. He’s a great student. He considers me a teacher. Hopefully this chemistry that we have can carry us to a title in MMA.”

James Toney is a born fighter …I’d hate to be in an alley with a born fighter.”

“James knows some martial arts because his manager [John Arthur] was a master in martial arts.”

James Toney will fight anybody. It’s up to us to help him figure things out. What I would like to see and what his manager would like to see…Kimbo Slice."

"It makes sense. The weight factor makes sense. Maybe a 220 [lbs.] fight somewhere in there. Two guys who have great names. I would love to see that fight …I think that’s a great opponent …hopefully the UFC would consider something like that.”

“He’s said it all over the Internet. He calls him Simba. He says he wanted Simba Slice.”

“I’d like to get him down to 205 and fight the winner of a Chuck and Tito. Fights with Kimbo Slice and he goes on to fight the winner of a Chuck and Tito fight …I think it would sell and I think it would be a hell of a fight.”

“Hopefully they’ll see us fight somewhere, maybe in June. Believe me, as his teacher I’m not going to let him step into the octagon without him being ready …I think we’re gonna shock the world, dude. I believe that.”

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damaebushi site profile image  

3/4/10 10:27 PM by damaebushi

 Let him match up w/Rampage.  You have the interesting back - story of the history w/Juanito, both Rampage and Toney seem to know how to hype a fight, similar in size, Rampage is a proven, seasoned, guy who is tough, knows how to get the fight to the ground if he wants/needs to.  Looks like a good test for someone w/the boxing credentials of Toney who wants to prove to the world he is the best fighter out there and that his boxing is superior to MMA. Respectfully: Fred

SKARHEAD site profile image  

3/4/10 10:21 PM by SKARHEAD

Dumb idea. It would kill any interest for his next fight.

Ronin 7 site profile image  

3/4/10 9:04 PM by Ronin 7

The hate for Kimbo is strong on this thread. And yes, I am serious that he impressed. It's all about progression, after he started training at ATT his fight with Houston was light years ahead of what he looked like during the show and prior. His ground game looked much improved (could only go up at that point), and for the most part his striking looked better than before. From reading the articles the guy seems to be a student of the game now. I was impressed and after reading the thread after the Houston fight, plenty of people said they were impressed.

BrutalMedic site profile image  

3/4/10 7:20 PM by BrutalMedic

Dana might fuck MMA fans by giving him a muppet who will stand with him, so that Boxing fans can claim MMA is inferior.This better not happen.He needs to fight a MMAist for the good of the sport, to send a message to boxing fans and combat sport fans around the world...The question really is, will Dana do this or have him fight a tailored opponent so that dfw jr can rake in the money...History tells us to look for Dana to dance for his dollars.

dueri7 site profile image  

3/4/10 6:48 PM by dueri7

@Ronin 7Really??? were you impressed by Kimbo????? dont take me wrong I respect everybody that steps in the octagon/ring/cage, etc but Kimbo did nothing to impress me!!

humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

3/4/10 6:47 PM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

ROFL i cant believe someone said that.

CRE site profile image  

3/4/10 6:39 PM by CRE

I saw about 14 minutes for Toney to knock Kimbo's head off in the Alexander fight.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

3/4/10 6:35 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 Who did Kimbo impress in the Houston fight? Did you watch it?

Ronin 7 site profile image  

3/4/10 6:27 PM by Ronin 7

Agreed, Kimbo impressed the hell out of a lot of people his last fight vs. Houston. But before Kimbo got to ATT he thought the word "su-plex" was a type of furniture. I think Kimbo takes this with another impressive victory. Kimbo via "beard-plex."

heretic fist site profile image  

3/4/10 4:21 PM by heretic fist

kimbo's training at ATT has been 80% groundkimbo takes this and makes toney look like a clown