UFC plans to counter Strikeforce on CBS

source: f4wonline.com

Dana White confirmed today that UFC is running a show on April 17th, head-to-head with the announced Strikeforce show on CBS. The event would air most likely on Spike TV. 

The venue for the proposed UFC event has not been settled upon, though speculation centers on Vanderbilt University’s Memorial Gymnasium in Nashville, site of course of Strikeforce: Nashville. Thus the UFC will be contesting both the live gate and the television audience.

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Legkick to the Head site profile image  

3/6/10 1:08 PM by Legkick to the Head

 Caged Combat Challenge - Charlotte, NC is on April 17th also..Maybe you should fly to North Carolina to support them instead.

100Percent site profile image  

3/6/10 1:03 PM by 100Percent

Exactly. If you are really an MMA fan, you will support all organizations that put together fights. UFC will be show re-runs for the next 3 months. Watch Strikeforce!!!!

kelby site profile image  

3/6/10 12:59 PM by kelby

hey everyone. boycott ufc. they are already big org and very famous. now lets give strike force a hand a lift them up also. lets watch strike force. they will have a rerun of ufc in a week or so anyway.

Beever site profile image  

3/6/10 10:44 AM by Beever

BLAF is the man

Daht site profile image  

3/6/10 10:33 AM by Daht

You mean like boxing?Pro wrestling business model is far superior in making good fights.. provided it isn't a complete monopoly.

gracie site profile image  

3/6/10 7:05 AM by gracie

Cow Palace is too small for UFC..lol.

Jambalaya site profile image  

3/6/10 6:47 AM by Jambalaya

Maybe you would stop wondering if you looked at that word you used...."competitor"....maybe figure out what that word means and it would help you understand why the UFC is ......competing.... with them.Just a helpful hint.

AnthonyBrancato site profile image  

3/6/10 6:28 AM by AnthonyBrancato

Hey Dana: If theirs is at the Shark Tank, yours should be at the Cow Palace. BRING MMA TO THE 415! 

gracie site profile image  

3/6/10 6:15 AM by gracie

This is the same shit everyone said about Jake before he fought Lawler.

sparkuri site profile image  

3/6/10 2:17 AM by sparkuri

The UFC takes every other org. seriously who puts on great cards. If it's not evident by counterprogramming of any kind, I'm not changin' anyones' mind.