Brian Bowles broke hand vs Dominick Cruz

by Brian Bowles | source:

  1. Broke hand again sorry to my fans and sponsors but I'll b back the sign of a true champ is the come back 
  2. Ouch haha 

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Broke hand again sorry to my fans and sponsors but I'll b back the sign of a true champ is the come back

Ouch haha

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Jmunzies site profile image  

3/7/10 9:18 PM by Jmunzies


EvilMaster site profile image  

3/7/10 6:45 PM by EvilMaster

^ Well...If you're a pro boxer who could potentially make millions...Or if you're an MMA champion making good money and have a strap to defend, I can see fighting through it.Otherwise, you break that side of your hand...Sit the fuck down, it's over imo.

boomer135 site profile image  

3/7/10 6:42 PM by boomer135

I think it was a smart move.No reason to make an injury worse, which could impact your career in the futureI always think it is a little dumb when guys break a hand and keep fighting several more rounds. It isn't a street fight, things happen sometimes, be smart.

EvilMaster site profile image  

3/7/10 6:40 PM by EvilMaster

I hate breaking that side of the hand. It's a bitch.

BzGrappla site profile image  

3/7/10 5:08 PM by BzGrappla

Bowles also got his ass beat

goeb site profile image  

3/7/10 5:00 PM by goeb all this .."Brian bowles is not this tough alpha-male fighter for not continuing to fight with a severely broken hand"...there was no way he'd win with a broken hand, he'd basically just continue and be at a huge disadvantage just so he doesn't look like a quitter. I have no problem with him deciding to stop after the 2nd round due to a recurring injury.I also felt cruz deserved the win regardless, he looked awesome.

USA site profile image  

3/7/10 4:47 PM by USA

guys knock varner because he acts like a douche

Rappy Gilmore site profile image  

3/7/10 4:47 PM by Rappy Gilmore

 It depends on what kind of break they have.... Some are more painful that the others.....some people have a history of it...

THP site profile image  

3/7/10 4:30 PM by THP

Guys knock on Jamie Varner for a broken hand, broken foot, and destroyed eye, but Brian Bowles ending the fight before round 3 is apparently OKAY

YakimaRed site profile image  

3/7/10 4:03 PM by YakimaRed

When did he break his hand? He didn't lay a fucking finger on Cruz all night.He must have broken it on the one punch of Cruz's he managed to block.Bowles is too good a fighter to make excuses like this after a loss. It's not tiddly winks. You got hurt? Yeah, it's a fight. The other guy is trying to hurt you.Train harder. Fight better next time. Give Cruz his due, as Torres gave you when you took the belt from him.


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